Hi guys! This is my first review, so I may not be very critical. My previous review was deleted, so here I go!

EDIT: Sorry about the misspelled title. Can't fix it... :(

We open with Cameron's broken glasses. Ever heard of tape? Gwen fixes it with a twisty bendy store thingy. Anti Villians alliance, maybe?

Heather and Al bicker AGAIN. And Al's unknown family name is dishonored. What are you, a knight? Duncan questions his niceness because of a poisoned apple from Zoey. In a show of manliness, his knife breaks. Who did this? e(vil)Mike of course! Mike then murders an apple and shows it to Zoey, freaking her out. Zoey, the ultimate ninja warrior, admits she's afraid of him.

And Sierra needs to be carted off to the loony bin.

The challenge: Find six eggs for your team in the "Fun Zone" on Boney Island, which is full of mutant animals. Zoey and Mike immediately make up, team up, and suit up. Sierra goes with Cam/Cody. Scourtney. Al. Heather. Gwen. Duncan (in true Lone Wolf fashion). Whoever else I forgot.

The Villians find the first egg, and eMike shows up! Oh, no, that was just an evil-looking silhouette of Mike, who turned out to be good Mike. He and Zoey find an egg, Zoey ninja-stars a face-sized flower onto a flying moose's nose, and steals the egg, which happens to be Larry's.

The egg hatches at the base, and Chris has a girlfriend. God, that is revolting.

Duncan does a Villiany speech, falls into a bog, and gets an egg.

Heather finds the Immunity Statue, stashes it away while Al was watching, and Al gets it.

Scourtney gets an egg, when Courtney murders Scott on the head with a club.

And speaking of head injuries, Mike wants Zoey to whack him on the head with a rock to stop eMike. But Zoey can't do it. COWARD! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE IN GRYFFINDOR!

The two find like twenty-seven eggs, and carry the WHOLE FREAKIN' NEST back with them. Meanwhile, the Villians only need one more egg, and Heather has it. There's a race, Heather's egg hatches, and the baby mutant goat flies away. The Heroes win.

After the challenge, Mike takes a GIANT boulder into the confessional and drops it on his head to stop eMike. But what happens? eMike comes out! And whistles "The Hall of the Mountain King", I think, while spraying his hair. "Dur! I'm Mike!" It isn't as good as bug-eyed freak, but it suffices.

And in BrainLand, oh, no. Nonononono. NO!!!!! Mike's in there, chained to a boulder! The one he used to give himself a concussion! Karma!

At the elimination ceremony, Gwen drags Courtney into a bush, and they make up. FINALLY. Everyone on the Villians votes for Al, but he has the immunity statue, and walks. On his LEGS. To show it to Heather, who is then Flushed because Al voted for her.

eMike goes to Boney Island, whistles the same tune, and BAM! Duncan remembers. (Yes! Dream Prophecy sort of right! I'm so proud of my brain!)

So, apparently when Duncan was a young miscreant in juvie, there was a guy who was in charge of the place. The guy? eMike. The (real) name? Mal. Aw, I liked eMike, but Mal will do. Duncan then says that he was a real bad guy. No dip. We've seen him do (sort of) evil for four episodes. The end.


-Good challenge

-No incredibly long chain

-Some after challenge stuff

-Immunity use but you still have to go to Boney Island.

-Someone knowing someone from before Total Drama (besides Katie and Sadie)

-Mal returns! For good!


-Chris... Larry... wrong... kids show...

BEST CHARACTER: Mike! He had (almost) beaten Mal! He made up with Zoey, was nice again, only for Mal to ruin it again. You may think this is pity, but I think he deserves it. Yes, and this is Mal, too. But mostly Mike, for making things better.

WORST CHARACTER: Scott. He did NOTHING. Nothing but get beaten up, and that gets old after a while.


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