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Hi guys, River here for another review of TDAS. I was grounded from my laptop for a couple days, and I wrote 1,000 verys so I could be back here early. Totally worth 2 hours and 5 sheets of paper.

Anyways, on to the actual review.

Gwen awakens, and exclaims that she had a wonderful dream about unicorns. She's GOTH. Isn't she supposed to, you know, dream about gloomy stuff? Gwentney bonding moment, and Scourtney is officialy in a coma. And Cameron.

Duncan, forever on his quest for villiany, spray paints a DEATH BUNNY on the side of the cabin. He then fixes Chef's car. Handy Manny flashback.

Al is there, which makes no sense. Did he secretly camp out on the island? Oh, no, he just teleported back at dawn. And he flirted with a bear, and made him murder a gopher. He could START WARS.

And the MERGE! But, sadly, before the two teams disperse, who is standing on the Heroes side but CAMERON! Stop pretending, man. It's not gonna happen, since the teams are merged. And Zoey's logic FTW! SHE SIDES WITH ME! MIKE IS THE REAL DEAL! Zoey, you have officially risen in my fave characters list.

Inside Mal's head, Mike drags a rock across his brain with no foot damage. In the distance, he sees a wizard tower from when he used to play World of Warcraft. His chain breaks from a blow from a QUESTION MARK. And because why, Mike?

Mike then finds Chester selling skateboards with a trademark Mal, Inc. logo on the shop. Mike breaks his chain, and they set off. This seriously reminds me of an old adventure video game. Find the Wizard's Tower, find allies along the way... And the chains are so easy to break!

Chris knows classy English, and Gwentney is over Duncan. Gwen sounds like a witch when she laughs...

Al gets the first speedboat, so does Gwentney, and we get NinjaMal. Seriously, he's a ghost one episode, a superhero the next, and now a NINJA?!?! You will never cease to amaze me, Mal. Scott, Duncan, Zoey, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named are forcedly teamed up.

Al's boat breaks, and he flirts with the engine. It can't hear you.

Next up, Coconut Alley! A coconut hits Mal in his tugboat, causing his hair to flip... Gwentney discusses hair, Al's boat is still broken, and Fang makes a cameo. Scott is used as FISHING BAIT, and Duncan is getting worse.

Gwen is rowing the now busted boat, and Playa des Losers is now Chris's "cottage". WHAT ABOUT THE LOSERS, CHRIS?!?

And to make sure Mike is Mike, Zoey tries to KILL HERSELF. Forget my earlier revision. You're still in my botton ten. ZOEY, YOU'RE GONNA DIE FROM HANGING THERE. And Zoey's screams can be heard from 100 yards away, where Mike teleports from his mind, and finds himiself on a boat. Mal pops back into where Mike was. A teleporting battle ensues, and Chester gives the best line ever: "I don't know what's happening!" while huddled in a ball on the ground.

Mal's fake boat engine is just... weird. AND HE CAN BE SULKY. HE IS A MODERN EMO TEEN! He saves Zoey, who is very gullible, and Al's boat stops at the finish line. GET OUT AND TOUCH THE BUOY, MAN.

Gwentney shows up, and Al FINALLY gets out and wins. He can take someone to the Mansion with him, and he doesn't. But, at the last minute, Mal does a really awkward speech, and alliances with Al.

Duncan blows up Playas de Losers, gets sent to prison since he's like 20 now, and drops a REALLY subtle hint about Mal running juvie.

At the Bonfire Ceremony, it is revealed that Cameron WOULD HAVE BEEN flushed by a unanimous vote, but since one person already left, it's a nono. There has to be one eventually, though. And Mal whistles his trademark while flipping through all the fake Cameron ballots.


-Zoey Logic

-Good Challenge

-Video Game Brain Quest

-Duncan Restores his Villiany


-Playa des Losers is Gone... R.I.P.

BEST CHARACTER: Zoey. She's an IDIOT, but at the end of the day, she was a good competitor. And she agrees with me about the real-personality-is-Mike thing. She may have nearly died, but she showed that there is hope for Mike. She may have just been development for Mal, but it was good development.

WORST CHARACTER: Scott. He was shark bait. The end.


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