Hi guys, River back (sort of, I'm writing this bit before I leave) from Disney, and I'm reviewing Sundae Muddy Sundae. And to say I'm sorry for making this one day late even though you have all survived easily, I made... Fanart! Random drawings of the final five wearing Mickey/Minnie ears and holding a prop (except for Gwen) that's theme park/Disney related. I'm going to post them in decreasing order of suckishness below, with my personal rating for them in the caption thingy.

We open on a ransacked hotel room, with Mal in the middle of it. Searching for the DVD. Zoey  walks in, asking what Mal is doing. Mal gives the LAMEST. EXCUSE. EVER. And Zoey doesn't question it. Why am I not surprised?

In the confessional, Mal (whose voice sounds different and less echoey and awesome) questions who owns his head. Mike's head, Mal's head, their head, whatever, they're Bros. They have to share their stuff sometimes.

In the Bros' (Mike/Mal's) head (why does everyone hate these scenes!?), Mike, Chester, and Svetlana come across a theatre (I think the British spelling is cooler), and who's in there, but Vito! Doing a... ventriloquist act? With an innocent, lovely, swee- OH MY GOD IT'S A MAGIC EVIL RED-EYED FLOATING MAL PUPPET WHO CAN BURST INTO FLAMES AT WILL. Oh, wait, it's not so cool, as Mike takes the puppet and uses it to break the brain chain.  Flimsy puppet.

Vito joined the party!

There's a little Gwentney moment,  where Gwen and Courtney decide to go all the way to the finale together. In the confessional, Courtney shows off her amazing artistic skill with her own final five fanart (my iPod really wants to spell fanart as canary).  She then states her personal elimination order, with Mal as a wild card, saying she can "crush him". Crush MAL?!?!? Good luck with that. Well, Mike did beat the wooden snot (technically sap?) out of the Mal puppet demon thing  in the Bros' brain, so it can't be too hard.

Gwen and Courtney agree to go to the finale together, and Courtney begins getting meaner, saying ZOEY is two-faced. Of everyone, Zoey's probably the least two-faced of them all. In the confessional, Courtney shows off her own final five fanart (my iPod really wants to spell fanart as canary) excluding herself. Her order of elimination  is apparently Zoey, Gwen, and Scott will be in the finale with her, and Mike being a wild card, stating she could "crush him". Crush MAL!? Good luck with that. Well, Mike did just beat the wooden snot (technically sap?) out of the demon Mal puppet in the Bros' brain, so it can't be too hard.

Scott claims he has "arms like a cheetah". Do cheetahs even have arms? I think they only have legs. After some more boasting, Mal pulls out Courtney's fanart. How?! Courtney was behind you, and you were walking with Zoey the whole time! Mal, the teleporting, time-stopping pickpocket. So, anyways, everyone hates Courtney now, because she put Gwen at third, gave Scott a rat tail, and... She didn't insult Zoey that much, actually. What I don't understand is how they all understood the chart. All I saw was a bunch of random cave pictures with X's, check marks, and circles in colored pen. And Courtney insults everyone after they walk away. Nice girl.

Gwen and Scott rant about Courtney and how much they hate her, and Scott mentions that he'll get back together with Courtney if she really wants him to. He's so... What's the word? I want to say persuasive, but that's not it... Scott's so swayable. That'll have to do.

At the starting line for the challenge, two very special, malnourished interns are standing there. Chris explains that they haven't been fed in a week, and Mal erupts in what sounds like a hyena laugh.

QUICK AWARD BREAK: First time Mal ever really laughed (as in an I-found-that-really-funny laugh)

So Mal hyena laughs, and instead of Zoey asking about his newfound dark sense of humor, just stares at him. ZOEY. FRIGGIN'. TALK. TO. MIKE. On a different subject, the challenge is to make a sundae from different ingredients/toppings found around the island. And BAM! They're off!
Musical number! (This bit is sung to the "We're off to see the Wizard" song from the Wizard of Oz) We're off to feed the interns! To keep them alive with ice cream! Climb a mountain, nearly drown, and be in a whole lot of pain!

Chartney is all alone now, and Zoey's finally going to talk to Mike about his evilness, and his breaking things, and... Oh. She just asks him about the revealing of Courtney's chart. To quote Gwen from Moon Madness: "So. Close."  Mal gives a logical explanation as to why he did it, and Zoey believes him. Still not surprised. He could say the sky is orange and she'd believe him.

Scott is the first to scale the mountain, and slides off the other side. He defies all logic by hanging on to an icicle, which should have been super slippery. And impossible to get a decent grip on.

Zoey slides down the mountain, but Mal doesn't. He goes on to get to first place so he can find the DVD in the mansion. Jut stop worrying about it. If you can't find it in like eight hours, no one else probably will. Although knowing Zoey, she'd probably find it without even trying.

Zoey and Courtney scale the mountain and get their ice cream. Scott climbs back up and runs into a bear. Which tries to kill him.

Gwen reaches the cherries in the swamp, but is about to be murdered by an alligator (crocodile?). And then, out of the blue, comes NINJA MAL, who, after a flying leap, lands on the gator's head. The two grab their cherries, and Mal alerts Gwen to another gator, but then vaults over her head (I thought Svetlana was gone). Mal then says it was a false alarm and sniggers as he runs away. Gwen says in the confessional that Mike  is either brave, bananas, or both. How does vaulting someone's face make you bananas, or brave? I just don't get it.

Zoey gets stuck in a bog, and Jerkney  goes by on a magically moving log, saying that she'd help if they were allies. In the confessional, Zoey says that Courtney may be the greater evil Alejandro was talking about. I am seriously considering opening the window and tossing my Zoey fanart out of the plane I'm in right now.

So Zoey gets free, and a gator is about to eat her in front of the cherries. As Chris goes into a commercial break, I root for the gator to win. But no, Zoey finds mud, and throws it in the gator's mouth, choking it. She gets the cherry and leaves.

Something happened to Scott (never specified what in my notes, but it was apparently pretty funny, since it has lol in  it), and Mal enters Chef's kitchen. The Drama Machine v2.0 comes out, and attacks him. Gwen enters, and her pal Mal warns her about it, sending the robot after her instead. The two get their nuts and leave.

Gwen runs into Courtney and says that she'll try to convince everyone to vote off Scott, as long as Courtney votes for herself.

Mal reaches the fire flower, whom I have dubbed Fred, that is planted in the chocolate sauce. Gwen is right behind, and Mal, for seemingly no reason, runs out in front of Fred and gets fire shot in his face. If Mal dies, does that mean Mike and everyone else dies, too?

Gwen gets her chocolate and bolts, and Mal goes back to the original rock he was hiding behind, after making zero progress. Zoey shows up, and there's a sweet (if there's anything sweet about Mal) Zal moment. And Zoey has gotten closer to an actual kiss with Mal than with Mike. That's a little bit sad, actually.

Mal holds up a rock and says "Let's rock" in his "normal" voice. He said that like two seconds after the kiss, so shouldn't Zoey have heard it?!?! But then again, she may have suddenly become temporarily deaf or something. And I think rocks are becoming the Bros' trademark... Tool? Weapon?

So Mal takes he rock and stuffs it in Fred's mouth tube thing, and Fred self-destructs after Mal gets his chocolate.

YOU WILL BE MISSED (by me, at least)

Scourtney shows up, and the chocolate sauce is burnt to a crisp. Courtney sticks it in anyways, even though it's DISGUSTING, and to prove her "who cares, they're starving anyways" attitude, a bird pukes in her sundae and she accepts it. Courtney has gotten MEAN.

Everyone makes it to the finish line within like five seconds of each other, and Chris announces that they have to eat their sundae themselves. What about the interns!? Are they gonna starve anyways?

RIP CARL (the guy)
I don't know when-2013
YOU MAY BE MISSED (depends on who cares)

RIP NICOLE (ponytail one)
At least 2011-2013
YOU WILL BE MISSED (again by me)

Courtney protests, and then basically pukes over her sundae. After a heated eating battle to the end, who wins, but Zoey. Yay.

In my notes, there's something about "Next time?!" Dunno what that means now (it's been like ten hours since I last saw the episode). Maybe it means if Zoey wins AGAIN next time or something.

There's a Gwentney moment at the elimination ceremony, and Scott's mom thinks he's as "handsome as a mule". You're not that ugly. And you kind of cute in Mickey ears.

Who leaves this time, but COURTNEY (sarcastic gasp)! And she's in the toilet, choking down her ice cream. Chris mentions that Zoey's going to be alone in the mansion, and Mal has an I'm-pretty-freakin'-ticked-off face. Chris signs off from inside the mansion, where Zoey's surrounded by Chris portraits. I bet the DVD is in one, and Zoey will somehow find it by, I dunno, tripping, into one of the paintings, or something. It would be exactly how this stuff works. GOOD POINTS:
-Good challenge

-Another predictable elimination
-Horrible challenge ending

BEST CHARACTER: The Bros. Not much competition for this one. Demon puppet Mal was one of the best brain bits I've seen so far (where can I buy one?) And I'm curious as to what Manitoba's doing in their brain. Vito's joke was kind of funny (at least Chester laughed), and Mal can (un)officially stop time. WORST CHARACTER: Courtney. 6+ years of development have gone down the drain to cutthroat Courtney who thinks everyone is evil in some way, shape, or form. I'm finding it kind of hard to believe that three days ago she was BFFs with Gwen, was crushing on Scott, and was being nice.


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