Hi guys and welcome back to another review. This episode was pretty good, and I had trouble finding bad things. But I did.

Sierra has taken home her baby death rat creatures... really?!? What do you feed them? She's probably feeding them her clothes. Poor Codies.

On the Villian's side, Scott is a disgusting healthy food poster boy. Apparently moldy bread prevents colds. And EVERYONE is talking about the merge. Not this episode, folks. Al has had a prophetic dream involving Jose (me).

And then everyone walks. Duncan tells Zoey about Mal, And she believes him. Okay, Zoey, Duncan is on a quest for villiany. Would you believe him if he said that your "boyfriend" went to juvie? Really? And good Zocan moment.

And over on Boney Island, Mal has spent the entire night enlisting the animals of the forest. Chef walks around, calling for Mike, and Mal's army defeats him.

QUICK AWARD BREAK: This award goes to Mal for being the first character to beat the STUFFING out of Chef. (I know Izzy has defeated Chef before, but she has never given Master Chief a BLACK EYE.)

Cut to Mal/Mike's mind, and Mike is STILL tugging on the clain after what? Eight hours? Wow. Mal shows up in a brian-mirror-thing, and Mike doesn't get ANY good information, just acts like an idiot and pisses Mal off. And Mike DID know Mal. But why was Mal waiting? Did he know that Mike would enter Total Drama?

Chros announces the challenge, which is boxing. And the wheel is TOTALLY rigged. Oh, yeah, and Zoey doesn't have to fight. First round: Scott vs. Fang. Wow, Scott, that was pathetic. Just PATHETIC. Courtney and Gwen are improving, though. Scourtney.

Sierra vs. Codies' mom. Brutal loss by Sierra. At least her Codies will be PROPERLY FED.

Al vs. Jose. BEST FIGHT SCENE EVER. Just saying that now. Insults, punches, and the family code. Never the face. And the BEST TDAS MOMENT EVER, WHAT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR FOR THREE YEARS, AL ASKS HEATHER OUT! Aleheather. Oh, and Al wins.

Mal vs. SpiderIzzy. Izzy is apparently Dawn's relative or something, because she sees Mike watching full coverage of the challenge on his HD Brain TV. "Who's Mal?" Great. Now one of my FAVORITE characters in TDAS is exposed. The "close-soul-windows"? I thought you would have closed your eyes or something. And SuperMal. Beating the snot out of the toughest characters since 1992. Score: 2-1 Heroes. And Zoey is concerned about Mike winning. JUST BE GLAD.

Cameron is MURDERED by gophers, Duncan can't beat up his bird friend, and Gwen and Courtney battle. They're back to square 1 after Sierra's Gwuncan video. Nice. They beat each other to a pulp, make up, and both get a point for the Villians.

And we all know who's voted off.

Duncan and Zoey talk... AGAIN. Zocan. And Duncan is thinking that Mike is a personality. Just one word. NO. Just because Mal took over for a while doesn't mean he's the main guy, okay? Mal asks them what they're talking about. "Nothing". "Cars". Really, Duncan. I know NO GIRLS who talk about cars.

Chris then announces that the Villians are voting for the loser. And Mal GASPED. Last episode, he had the demon smile when Al walked. Now? He gasps. YOUR TOTAL AWESOMENESS IS FAILING. And who goes home? Sierra. Wow. BTW, I am AGAINST the "prediction list". Al goes to Boney Island, and Duncan states that Mal would have gone home. WHY?!? HE WON THE FIGHT. THE ONLY HERO TO FIGHT IN THE ARENA AND WIN.

Sierra is flushed, and Chris signs off.


-Nice challenge

-Gwen and Courtney

-Al and Jose

-Mal's epic stickman strength


-Producers keeping Mal on the show, even going out of their way in eliminations to do it

BEST CHARACTER: Courtney. She FINALLY made up with Gwen. FINALLY! A three year long grudge isn't very healthy. Not much, but this was REALLY important to me, since Gwen was my favorite character through seasons 1-3.

WORST CHARACTER: Cameron. Nothing. NOTHING. Even his fight was lame. Three seconds in the ring. And so many confessionals! And just to say two syllables. And one JUST FOR SCREAMING. At least Scott didn't hog the confessional.


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