This is really weird and pointless, but I think I had a prophetic dream about the next episode of TDAS. Probably not. But it's fun to dream (no pun intended).

Duncan and eMike (TMO) were in a dark room. Duncan asked eMike where he knew him from. eMike was saved from answering by alerting Duncan to a purple speckled octopus flying at Duncan. It latched itself onto Duncan's face and electrocuted him. Duncan had a flashback of electric therapy when he was nine, and eMike was the cause of it. He had gotten Duncan into trouble, but had not himself by reverting back into (adorable gap-toothed) nine-year-old Mike, who had no idea what happened, so he was innocent.

This probably won't end up being what happens (it would be awesome if it was, except for the electric therapy part. Do they do that to anyone?), but I have a feeling that Duncan will remember where he knew eMike from because of some action reminding him of an incident involving eMike in the next few episodes.

On to more certain matters, comercial prediction!

Commercial after the show: Dragon goats! Fun zone! AL STILL WALKING ON HIS HANDS!!! OMG AL, JUST LIKE, FALL OVER AND ACCIDENTALLY USE YOUR FEET, OKAY?!?!?!?

Leaked clips that always show up on YouTube: Duncan's going to go back to the Vultures or get himself eliminated in his quest for villiany. Al will forever walk on his hands, and then get eliminated, saving his amazing surprise for nothing. Scourtney may be going somewhere.

QUICK AWARD BREAK: This award goes to Scourtney for being the first cross-cast (old cast and new cast) relationship that could be going somewhere (I'm personally rooting for a Gwen/Mike relationship, but that's never gonna happen).

OVERALL GUESS: Duncan and eMike will form a "Misfit Heroes" alliance once Duncan realizes what eMike did, or Duncan will flip out, but will be silenced and eliminated by eMike. Al's legs have become useless. I'm Scourtney for like, a couple hours or so.

I will be doing a review the night of the show, while I watch the show. Or maybe the next day. Sometime. I wanted to do a review of Moon Madness, because it was a good episode in my eyes (8 or so), but I ended up being logged out when posting TWICE.

Bye! (Gwike, Mwen, Gwen/Mike for all the other times I'm not shipping Scourtney!)

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