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    TDAS Final Five Fanart

    December 16, 2013 by InfiniteRiver

    Hi guys! River here and I have fanart!

    I drew this back before Sundae, while I was in Disney. I planned to post it during my review of Sundae (go read it), but my scanner wouldn't scan. I generally left it alone until this afternoon, when I spent like two hours poking around on the internet, and IT WORKS!!!! (lightning flash)

    So I have fanart of the TDAS Final Five with Disney accessories, and... blah blah blah blah. Just so you know, I color REALLY palely/pastelly, so sorry if the coloring's off. I'm going to shut up now, and let you guys stare at the artwork that I now consider sort of crappy, in order of most crappy to least.

    Feedback appreciated!

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  • InfiniteRiver

    What are the chances that I messed up the title's spelling again...

    Hi guys, River back for the final time until Pahkitew with my review for *drum roll* The. Very. Last. Episode. Of. Season. Five!!!! I'm gonna miss you guys...

    Over the weekend, I was REALLY bored, so I decided to answer a question that's been sitting in the back of my head: Is Mal's emo flip thing longer than Mike's mullet? In the scenes where Mike's hair flips down, it actually looks like it's GROWING a little bit. Half an hour of work (and three edits) later, I came up with this:

    Note: 576+ 4356 is really 4932. It still squares to about 70, so it's not that big a deal.

    Also, I put the Bros' heads at the same length to make it easier.

    In conclusion, Mal's hair can not only fli…

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  • InfiniteRiver

    Hi guys, River here and it's time for the second-last episode review before like a year long break. Or so. Until Pahkitew. If I do it. And to all you Americans, Happy Two-Days-Before-Thanksgiving! To all you non-Americans, Happy Two-Days-Before-A-Completely-Random-And-Pointless-Thursdayday (this should be a federal holiday(With no school))!

    On to the actual review:

    We open on Mal telling Scott thatit was Gwen's fault that Scourtney was ruined. Didn't he say it was Alejandro's fault like two episodes ago? Continuity. SUCKS. Gwen walks up, saying she needs allies, and tries to with Scott, but is let down with him reverting to ROTI Scott and generally being a jerk to her. I was SERIOUSLY afraid that this would be a repeat of last episode's char…

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  • InfiniteRiver

    Hi guys, River back (sort of, I'm writing this bit before I leave) from Disney, and I'm reviewing Sundae Muddy Sundae. And to say I'm sorry for making this one day late even though you have all survived easily, I made... Fanart! Random drawings of the final five wearing Mickey/Minnie ears and holding a prop (except for Gwen) that's theme park/Disney related. I'm going to post them in decreasing order of suckishness below, with my personal rating for them in the caption thingy.

    We open on a ransacked hotel room, with Mal in the middle of it. Searching for the DVD. Zoey  walks in, asking what Mal is doing. Mal gives the LAMEST. …

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  • InfiniteRiver

    Hi guys, I'm back and it's time to review another episode of Total Drama All-Stars! (WOOOOT!) Just to let you all know, I won't be on the wiki again until next Wednesday afternoon (I may be able to get on, but very rarely and only on my iPod). Because I'm going to DISNEY tomorrow!!!! One week of fun, rides, and weather that's actually pleasant and not FREEZING COLD EVERY SINGLE MORNING. AND AFTERNOON. AND EVENING. (Yay!) I'll still do a review of Sundae Muddy Sundae, but it'll be 24 hours late or so. And after boring you all to death, let's get on to the actual review:

    We open with a nice Zourtney moment, with Zoey consoling Courtney and telling her to TALK TO SCOTT. When you can't talk to Mike. GAWSH. And then Mal rants about his amazingne…

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