• IndonesianCowCreator

    Hey. I know many of you know who I am... But I am so unsocial that I feel it is my time to get more active. So I'm going to reintroduce myself.

    I am IndonesianCowCreator. Call me ICC. xD I've been apart of this Wiki since June 14, 2009, though I didn't really get active until that October. I can remember when each character had their French name on their page. xD

    I have the lowest edit count for how long I've been here. I am not proud of it. I despise it. I just can't believe that people can get over 100 edits in a month! It's amazing to me...

    I was Eva in the first and second seasons of Total Drama Roleplay. Surprisingly, she was fun to play...

    I won a Quiz Bowl. Well tied, actually. That was an awesome achivement.

    I have nominated images and …

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