Total Drama: Revenge of the Action is the fifth season of Total Drama.


This season's challenges are based off of movie genres, and the site where each challenge takes place is the abandoned film lot. The grand prize for this season is $10,000,000. Nine castmates compete for one grand prize. When eliminated, the loser has to take the Arrow of Shame, which takes them to the Total Drama Aftermath studio. Here, they are interviewed by two hosts about their experiences on the show and how they feel about their current position.


After the events of Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama: Revenge of the Island, in which all of season four's contestants attempted and failed to win the ten million dollars in a final challenge at Camp Wawanakwa, Chris recruits the closest lucky eight players, who all tied in that challenge to continue on to the fifth season, which takes place on the abandoned film lot in Toronto. For two weeks, the cast is forced to compete in movie genre themed challenges for the ten million dollar grand prize, faced with new challenges, surprises, and drama. Split into two new teams, the Mutant Technicians and the Toxic Dollies, the contestants take part in various movie-genre-based challenges, where the winning teams gain immunity or rewards for their successes. The losing teams are forced to attend an award ceremony, where they vote on who will receive the Gilded Chris Award or immunity, and who will be forced to take the Walk of Shame to the Lame-o-sine, and be eliminated from the competition. The lucky cast member who outlasts their other castmates wins the highly anticipated $10,000,000.


Elimination is a common practice carried out throughout the entire Total Drama series. The team or players that haven't received immunity will vote off another contestant via electronic devices. The participant who receives the most votes leaves the competition.

Participant Team Status Placing
Lightning Toxic Dollies 1st Voted out
in Episode 2
9th Place Non-Merged
Mike Toxic Dollies 2nd Voted out
in Episode 4
8th Place
Zoey Mutant Technitions 3rd Voted out
in episode 5
7th Place
Cameron Mutant Technitions 4rth Voted out
in episode 7
6th Place
Dakota Toxic Dollies 5th Voted out
in Episode 8
5th Place Merged
Anne Maria Mutant Technitions

Debuted in Episode 7
6th Voted out
in Episode 10

4th Place
Scott Mutant Technitions 7th Eliminated
in Episode 11
3rd Place
Dawn Toxic Dollies

Winner in Episode 13
Runner-up in Jo's ending

Jo Mutant Technitions

Winner in Episode 13
Runner-up in Dawn's ending


There is a total of thirteen episodes of Total Drama: Revenge of the Action, and a special that led up to next season.