So I was thinking, why not post what I think the elimination order would have been for TDTM if it was around. There probablly would have been 13 contestants, and 2 newbies. The 2 newbies would have not been Sierra and Alejandro. The contestanst competing would be: Duncan, Beth, Owen, Courtney, Harold, Lindsay, Eva, Sadie, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Noah, Ezekiel and the 2 new contestans Matt and Rachel competing for $1,000,000,000. The Teams would have been The Screaming Guitars and The Killer Drums. This is how it should have been in my eyes:

1. Courtney wins, Duncan out.

2. Teams form. Screaming Guitars: Owen, Eva, Sadie, Tyler, Katie, Noah and Matt. Killer Drums: Beth, Courtney, Harold, Lindsay, Cody, Ezekiel, and Rachel.

3. Guitars win, Ezekiel out.

4. Guitars win, Reward.

5. Guitars win, Courtney out.

6. Aftermath.

7. Drums win, Sadie out.

8. Drums win, Reward, Duncan Returns on the Drums.

9. Drums win, Owen out.

10. Drums win, Reward.

11. Guitars win, Harold out.

12. Aftermath.

13. Guitars win, Cody out.

14. Guitars win, Reward.

15. Drums win, Katie out.

16. Merge, Harold returns.

17. Harold wins, Noah voted out.

18. Aftermath.

19. Harold wins, Duncan out.

20. Lindsay wins, Beth out.

21. Matt wins, Rachel out.

22. Tyler wins, Matt out.

23. Harold wins, Lindsay out.

24. Aftermath.

25. Eva wins, Harold out.

26. Tyler vs. Eva, Tyler wins.

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