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    {{Season | image = Total Drama Action.png | country = ]] |bgcolor="#ffff00" colspan="2"| Winner in Episode 13
    Runner-up in Dawn's ending |}

    There is a total of thirteen episodes of Total Drama: Revenge of the Action, and a special that led up to next season.

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    November 19, 2010 by Iml908

    I hope you guys have not forgotten those 22, er 24 teens that made it to Total Drama (what there are 25 contestants, WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!) Now lets reminist about all the eliminations

    Total Drama Island

    24. Ezekiel - Being sexist to women

    23. Eva - Went crazy over losing her MP3

    22. Noah - Lazy

    21. Justin - Heather convinced 4 other team mates (which ended in a tie, but thats not the point)

    20. Katie - Dumber one of the 2

    19. Tyler - To chicken to face the chicken (GET IT, ITS A JOKE!!!!!!! why are you not laughing)

    18. Izzy - Ran away from the RCMP (I would think the FBI)

    17. Cody - Mauled by a bear

    16. Beth - Cursed her team

    15. Sadie - Hit Courtney with apples (Courtney so deserved it)

    14. Courtney - Harold switchd the votes (Also deserv…

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    Something special for finale

    November 12, 2010 by Iml908

    So as most of you know the finale is coming up on Monday (OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so I am doing something special:

    1. Make some of my homemade popcorn (its actually better then you think)

    2. Get some of my favorite soda with my favorite cup (Dr. Pepper)

    3. Put on my Heather is hot shirt (admit it she is)

    4. Make sure Alejandro goes down all the way to the ground (and maybe Cody)

    Im going to prepare all week for this special occasion. Tell me what you guys are doing.

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  • Iml908

    Who would you want to win

    August 31, 2010 by Iml908

    So this blog is about which person would you have wanted to win out of the final 3 of each season. I would have wanted Owen or Gwen to win from TDI, Beth to win TDA and Cody or Heather to win TDWT. I created these symbols to represent everyone. Note: since Owen was techniclly eliminated before Courtney, she will not be included. Also, since we do not know who will the fnal 2 be in each place, this was made into a final 3.

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    TDTM My Eliminations

    August 20, 2010 by Iml908

    So I was thinking, why not post what I think the elimination order would have been for TDTM if it was around. There probablly would have been 13 contestants, and 2 newbies. The 2 newbies would have not been Sierra and Alejandro. The contestanst competing would be: Duncan, Beth, Owen, Courtney, Harold, Lindsay, Eva, Sadie, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Noah, Ezekiel and the 2 new contestans Matt and Rachel competing for $1,000,000,000. The Teams would have been The Screaming Guitars and The Killer Drums. This is how it should have been in my eyes:

    1. Courtney wins, Duncan out.

    2. Teams form. Screaming Guitars: Owen, Eva, Sadie, Tyler, Katie, Noah and Matt. Killer Drums: Beth, Courtney, Harold, Lindsay, Cody, Ezekiel, and Rachel.

    3. Guitars win, Ezekiel …

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