For this season I would love to see some of the more underated charcters in the 1st and 4th season to be used more so for my idea for this season Noah,Trent,Eva,B,Dawn and Izzy should be the main charcters or have the main roles for this season.

In my view or total drama allstars Alejandro should remain the main villian

Also this season for relationships I would love to see my 2 personal Favs gets together Trent and Dawn for some reason i believe that this would be a good couple. The reson being is that Trent is not happy with being with Katie and Sadie and he also a little Jelous with Gwen being with Ducan so Trent starts to suffer from deppression this is where Dawn comes in Dawn senses the pure and broken heart of Trent and start at first to be a emotional support starts to become something more. Trent is attracted to Dawn to a sense becuase she reminds him of Gwen to an extent Diffrent and complex, BY the 4th episode Gwen notices this and says to Trent that he should go for it however Trent is not able to completly move on and try a relationship with Dawn because he is affraid that it will turn out like his relationship Gwen. Dawn realises this by a vision that she saw while she was meditiating and speaks to Gwen first and says what do you think I should do? and Gwen Says that if it is meant to be than it is meant to be. And at that moment Both Dawna dn Trent realise that they love one another and become a couple. When Dawn gets voted out Trent is devestated however Dawn appears to him during his dreams and ends up having the energy to continue the competition. On the final episode Dawn is cheering for Trent to win even when he doesnt at the end and Trent states at the end "I have already won and no amount of money can put a price on that" and they Kiss

For this season I would get Noah vs Alejandro because in season 3 we get told that Noah did not like Al and that he was planning on getting rid of him so I believe that this season should explore into that more. Also I wold get that Alejandro is able to figure out and use Evas aggression to his advantage and that carries him far into the game also I would get Noah is able to control Izzys craziness so that carries both Noah and Izzy far into competion.


Heroes: Sierra, Gwen, B, Cameron, Trent, Zoey, Dawn, Mike

Villans: Heather, Noah, Izzy, Eva, Alejandro, Courtney, Duncan, Lightning

Elimination Order: 1 Lightning, 2 Cameron, 3 Sierra, 4 Duncan, 5 Courtney, 6 Zoey,

team swap And Jo and Staci return to compete

Team 1 Gwen, B, Mike, Alejandro, Eva, Jo

Team 2 Izzy, Dawn, Noah, Heather, Trent, Staci

 Elimimation in team swap 7 B, 8 Heather,

Teams now merge the final 10

Elimination for merge: 9 Gwen, 10 Dawn, 11 Jo,  12 Mike,  13 Staci, 14 Noah, 15 Alejandro, 16 Eva

Runner up: Trent

Winner of Total drama All-stars Izzy

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