Hello Everyone!

Episode 1

The cast gets introduced with 20 of the most popular non-All Stars competing. Chris splits everyone into 2 teams of 10. The ferocious tigers consist of Izzy, Bridgette, Owen, Geoff, B, Dawn, Brick, Samey, Jasmine and Shawn. The soaring eagles consist of Harold, Leshawna, DJ, Cody, Dakota, Anne Maria, Ella, Max, Sugar and Sky. Sugar angrily stares at Ella. Bridgette goes in a confessional and says she thinks Brick is attractive. Chris states that the challenges this season are previous challenges from the other seasons.

The first challenge is Dodgeball. Round 1 has Izzy, Owen, Jasmine, Shawn, Samey and B for the ferocios tigers and Ella, Max, Sky, Harold and Dakota for the soaring eagles. Geoff and Bridgette sit out and make out and Samey thinks Harold who won the challenge last time has an advantage. The round goes to the Tigers.

Sugar gets upset for Ella losing the challenge and takes her place and Bridgette and Geoff stop making out to compete. The Eagles score and the teams are tied.

Brick gets hurt during round 3 and Samey goes to help him. Bridgette goes to help Brick but Samey rejects her. Owen cheers and Izzy tells him to shut up because he broke up with her. Leshawna and DJ stand up for Ella when Sugar tries hit her. The tigers win and score 2-1.

The final round is won by B and Dawn. Everyone celebrates on The Ferocious Tigers ecspecially Jasmine and Shawn who kiss. At the elimination ceremony, Harold is eliminated and is the first All-Star to go.

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