Hi Guys,

Well, I have been looking at all the reveals of characters for RR and reading the comments. Recently, the moderator has been slightly hinting us little bits of information that could help us figure out the next pair or even more than that. 

Returning Players

Are these the returning players?

I know most of you have seen these before but I thought they are really helpful to guess the next pair/s. In the one on the left of your screen, someone says that there will be a male goth character and the moderator replies with 'there's bound to be two'. In the one on the right, someone asks about the returning pairs. We already know that Harold, Izzy and Dawn aren't returning, but does that mean that Noah and Owen aren't in a pair either? 
Male Goth

A confirmed pair of goth characters in RR.

Or was she talking about the other two suggested teams? Recently aswell, the moderator has answered no to Noah. Does that mean that he is not participating? Or was she throwing us off?

Another thing not many of people have brought up: what if Carter Hayden is voicing a newbie? Did no-one think of that?                                 

Let me know what you think about these unofficial mini-releases (if you want to call them that). What do you think about two goths? Similar to Gwen maybe? What about Noah and Owen and other newbies? Are they throwing us off?

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