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    September 16, 2015 by Howtobeme

    1. Which characters from the Ridonculous Race do you think may come to Total Drama (I think Brody, Adversity Twins, and Emma)

    2. Do you think that Junior should get an apperance overhaul in later seasons (Maybe he'll get an older Bieber haircut)

    3. Which characters from TD do you want to be in RR (I want Katie-Sadie, DJ-Momma, Beth-Brady, and Ella with a Prince Charming inspired love interest)

    4. Which characters do you like to think as bisexuals, asexuals, or homosexuals? (Homosexuals: Ezekiel and the Vegans. Asexuals: Jo, Eva, Scarlett, and Dawn. Bisexuals: Owen and Topher)

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