So, by now, a lot of you might already have heard that a Season 5 of Total Drama is indeed in production (source: re:fresh blog entry, 10/22:? HERE). It will consist of 26 episodes, making up for the super-shorty TD:ROTI we saw this summer. !

"The first thirteen episodes will be an all-star season (participants to be revealed soon!) and the following thirteen episodes will introduce a whole new cast of characters (whom I promise you will like.)" (courtesy of the RE:Fresh Blog) (hey!! We liked the TD:ROTI cast, come on! )

This is the only confirmed, REAL information we've got from a reliable source, so I guess it does leave a lot to the imagination. (such as the rather strange, but predictable, rumor that's been going around that Chris may not be hosting this new season due to... what happened to him [or so implied- we didn't actually SEE him get *spoiler!*ed, you know!]... at the end of the last season. Honestly, and I'm not saying this as a Chris fan over here, but our host-boy seems pretty well fixed into the Total Drama Universe and I'd be very, VERY surprised to see him replaced by anyone anytime soon.)

So, talk about it! Have fun with your own ideas, share 'em here in the comments! <3

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