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    Total Drama Season 5

    November 22, 2012 by Hip-1950s

    So, by now, a lot of you might already have heard that a Season 5 of Total Drama is indeed in production (source: re:fresh blog entry, 10/22:? HERE). It will consist of 26 episodes, making up for the super-shorty TD:ROTI we saw this summer. !

    "The first thirteen episodes will be an all-star season (participants to be revealed soon!) and the following thirteen episodes will introduce a whole new cast of characters (whom I promise you will like.)" (courtesy of the RE:Fresh Blog) (hey!! We liked the TD:ROTI cast, come on! )

    This is the only confirmed, REAL information we've got from a reliable source, so I guess it does leave a lot to the imagination. (such as the rather strange, but predictable, rumor that's been going around that Chris …

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