Here is song 2 from the TDT Christmas special soundtrack. So hope you enjoy. and HAVE A SHOCKING TIME. :)

Song Name: Jingle Shock.

Date Produce: 2010

Kimberly: Jingle bells. Jingle bells, Jingle bell shocks.

Logan: Jingle bell shocking away. Jingle bells swing and jingle beels ring. and Knocking, And Talking riding away. It’s the Shocking bells have begin.

Kimberly: *pushes Logan to the side* Getty up Jingle horse pick up your feet. Riding the night away.

Kimberly and Logan: *as they push eachother.* What a bright time it’s the right time. To go riding on a three horse slay.

Logan: Mix and mingle and kiss Kimberly. That’s the jingle beel, that’s the jingle bells, that’s the jingle bell rocks.

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