Hi, everyone! After returning from sleep away camp, I've logged back onto the wiki. I see I didn't miss much. Nevertheless, I'm still just as pumped for the TDAS premiere in September (I live in the US). And since I'm so excited, I've decided to create a little poll about the TDAS contestants, one at a time. Every week or so, I will pick a character slated to compete in season five, and ask all of you whether you think he or she is a "positive" or "negative" character. You can vote the same way you do in Caption Crunch with the

#1 I'm voting for option one!
#2 I'm voting for option two!
templates. If you vote for the first option, it means you like the contestant, but if you vote for the second option, you don't really like them all that much. Now, this week I will start with my favorite contestant, Courtney. What do you think of the bossy brunette? Does she add to the story line, or is she just a major pain in the butt? You decide! And thank you in advance for your participation. Remember, TDAS premieres in September 2013 for the US and in early 2014 for Canada.

Best, Hermione102300 🌸

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