Best. Intro. EVER!

So, we start off getting a healthy dose of Courtney complaining. Next, Zoey tries to help her get over her problems of Multiple Personal- Oops, she doesn't have that. If we're lucky, Mike might actually do something. Chester!! SVETLANA!!!!!! Mike is so awesome. :3 Still a Mal confessionial. How dimb is this chick?

After the announcement, Courtney races out the door because apparently she hates doing push-ups. Has she been abused? Is that why she's so cranky? Scott rocks.

"I loves me a bossy lady." -Scott

xD Alejandro has to do push-ups! <3 Al confessionial. Dead Donkey! Priceless! Basic Straining challenge. <3 Blah, blah, blah, introduction. Heavy pack time because they're not being tortured enough. Zoey is so manipulative. Kidding! xD Courtney gets angry, for what, the nine thousandth time this episode? Malejandro conflict/relationship. Mal is strong.

"Dead Donkies Don't Speak!" -Mal

"What are you guys doing?" -Zoey

Holding hands. They're dating, like, duh. Scott is just making me laugh. Alejandro being conceited, a Justin repeat. Zoey is allergic to dog, like me. Mal sabotaging Alejandro by eating licorice. Gwen climbs the dog rope. Courtney's voice right now sounds awesome. Gwen loves Cameron. Am I the only one that notices this? Owch, Scott, that's gotta hurt. Shut up, Alejandro!! Alejandro godplaying.

Mal is at the monkey bars. Svetlana is out! :D Alejandro gets a beat down, yay! Mal is back out. Alejandro god some more. Mal gets angry at Mike and punches the camera, breaking it. Zoey helps Mal. Scott gets bit in the butt, which causes Courtney to ditch him because she's awesome like that. Alejandro tries to manipulate Zoey. More Alejandro pain! <3 Go Zoey! More Scott humor.

"A wedge of what? Cheese?" -Scott

Honestly, I thought the penalty was getting eliminated. Courtney kissed Alejandro?! Courtney still wants to eliminate him, though. Alejandro smack down.

"I'm coming for you, Mal!!" -Alejandro

Boo. We don't like you. Go away, Alejandro. Zoey and Mal zipline together. Turns out, Scott won't be eliminated. Yes!! Mal sabotages Alejandro. Yay, Zoey! Zoey gets second thoughts about Mike. Good to know there's a brain in there, Zoey. A close-up on Zoey, Alejandro, Mal, Courtney, Gwen, and Scott. I honestly liked that. It's a nice touch.

Alejandro's humorous vote for Mike. It's obvious who's leaving. Mal is the devil. Goodbye and good riddance Alejandro! Zoey picks Mike, how cute. Gwen goes to boney island. Alejandro steals Justin's line from The Princess Pride… Final 5: Scott, Courtney, Gwen, Zoey, and Mike/Mal.

Pros: Alejandro's elimination Scottney



Mal actually does something



Chris sends Gwen to boney island. Mike's head 8/10 Rankings: Zoey>Scott>Mike>Gwen>Courtney>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Alejandro

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