Hi, this is my first review, so bear with me here, please.

Okay, it starts off with this intro. 'I made it a night challenge'. Duh, duh, duh, team swap. New member. Painfully short theme song. Courtney being rude. Cam putting glasses together. Heather insulting Cam. Gwen and Cam and AleHeather bonding.

Al, then calls Heather gorgeous, in which I have an 'Awww...' moment. Zoey is nice to Duncan, who then goes in the confessionial and complains about her. Mike then reminds us that he is painfully evil and breaks Duncan's knife. When is he gonna do something plot changing?!

Sierra crying, Zoey being nice, but also very mean. Mike x Zoey, BARF! Zoey is scared and Mike is sad his ruthless girlfriend isn't shouting his name every single second. Mike then explains that he randomly hates Zoey for no reason. What the heck? Did he just pull that randomly out of his butt or his ugly, gutwrenching hair that everyone loves?

CHALLENGE TIME. Sierra celebrates, then Chris gives him a treat that actually really isn't a freaking treat. I want a treat, dangflabbit! Scott is back from boney island. We have to go back to boney island. Invincibility statue is in the fun-zone, get him! Gooey creatures. That's disgusting. Put eggs in a basket. Aw, a reference to the condor challenge! <3

Sierra's purty face. A 'Special' reward, that we know Zoey is gonna get with her techniques. Scott falls asleep, Chris yells at him. Duncan then starts being nice. Does he have Multiple Personality Disorder? Is he Mike?! Zoey, go fangirl over Duncan now. Duncan and the dogunners. xD Sierra is nervous. "Camry!" Scottney, how cute.

Zoey finds The Marlovent one.Mike being awkward. Mike and Zoey pairing up, BARF! "Egg-Selent work?" YUCK! Al being villainous. Larry has an egg. Mary-sue Zoey, worst part of this whole episode, maybe even the season, heck, the series! Sorry, sorry, sorry. I'm sorry, but you have to shut up Zoey and stop being SO perfect. It's unnatural! "Can I call you Cody, Duncan?" Um, he hates Cody. Why would he let you call him that?

"Get it, Heather!"

Okay, okay, she will. You don't have to be so bossy.

"I mean bad guys!"

LOL, 'Cause the heroes are soo bad.

Heather scheming, aw that brings back memories. 2 eggs. Cody Jr. Reference! <3 YAY! Bleh, break.

BIRDIES AND SCOTT! Courtney saves Scott. #StillAVillain Alejandro and Gwen know how you feel, Courtney! Villains are winning. Heather trying to gain everyone's trust. Ruthless Mike, almost as ruthless as Zoey. I mean, C:'mon? Why is Zoey still a hero? Alejerktroid. Heather telling Alejandro about the invincibility idol. Al's 'pretty' head!

Useless Mike x Zoey. Zoey is being even more of a mary sue. Why isn't she in jail? Godding should be a flipping crime, for crying out loud! Why is she a hero?! I'm just joking, I hope you know. Why are Duncan and Sierra together so much? A couple forming?! Nice Duncan, unhumorous Chris. 5-3. As if it ain't obvious. Zoey will win. No losing Zoey. Heather shoots and...


Guess what?! Zoey and Mike are ableto get rid of 17 eggs. 17! And the winners are...

The Heroes! :(

Chris vs Heather. Dumb Al obviously has it. Useless Mike commentary. It's obvious who's going home. Elimination, blah-blah. COURTNEY AND GWEN FRIENDS! (: Heather wants to vote Chris. Alejandro uses the invincibility statue. Not shocking.

Bye Heather!! :(

The best person leaves. Mike goes to Boney Island. Mike was in juvie? Heather pushes Alejandro in the lake xD. This is a terrible episode. Zoey should've left!


+ Sierra and Courtney were amazing.

+ Scottney.

+ Gwen and Courtney make up.

+ Al falls in the lake.

+ Cody Jr. And Condor challenge.

- Way predictable.

- Mary Sue Zoey.

- Terrible elimination.

- Loss of Invincibility statue.

- Duncan x Sierra.

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