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  • Heatherxcodyfan

    Best. Intro. EVER!

    So, we start off getting a healthy dose of Courtney complaining. Next, Zoey tries to help her get over her problems of Multiple Personal- Oops, she doesn't have that. If we're lucky, Mike might actually do something. Chester!! SVETLANA!!!!!! Mike is so awesome. :3 Still a Mal confessionial. How dimb is this chick?

    After the announcement, Courtney races out the door because apparently she hates doing push-ups. Has she been abused? Is that why she's so cranky? Scott rocks.

    "I loves me a bossy lady." -Scott

    xD Alejandro has to do push-ups!

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  • Heatherxcodyfan

    100 edits

    November 9, 2013 by Heatherxcodyfan

    i finally reached one hundred edits.

    I'd like to thank the academy... and my mom. Love ya' ma'!


    I'd like to thank Jam, Ryan, and all the other admins for keeping this wiki safe and secure. We really apreciate it.

    Also, I'd like to thank DrFizWuz997xlol. He's really nice. c:

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  • Heatherxcodyfan

    Hi, this is my first review, so bear with me here, please.

    Okay, it starts off with this intro. 'I made it a night challenge'. Duh, duh, duh, team swap. New member. Painfully short theme song. Courtney being rude. Cam putting glasses together. Heather insulting Cam. Gwen and Cam and AleHeather bonding.

    Al, then calls Heather gorgeous, in which I have an 'Awww...' moment. Zoey is nice to Duncan, who then goes in the confessionial and complains about her. Mike then reminds us that he is painfully evil and breaks Duncan's knife. When is he gonna do something plot changing?!

    Sierra crying, Zoey being nice, but also very mean. Mike x Zoey, BARF! Zoey is scared and Mike is sad his ruthless girlfriend isn't shouting his name every single second. Mik…

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  • Heatherxcodyfan

    Rate the All Stars.

    September 14, 2013 by Heatherxcodyfan

    Courtney- Okay, She's over Duncan. Great. I know exactly why she was shunning Gwen. Gwen was her friend, people! She ignored the chance to yell at Duncan. This could be a beautiful season for Ms. C.I.T. Courtney. (7.5/10)

    Zoey- Everything is 'Mike this' 'Mike that' still, but she saved him this time, not vice versa. (5.4/10)

    Alejandro- I actually ♥ the new voice for some reason. Hope (IF they do AleHeather) they turn it into a good relationship. (6.2/10)

    Cameron- 2 lines. Very, very scarce movement. (0.5/10)

    Lightning- Well, he had a pretty big ego. Overall, he was good. (5.9/10)

    Lindsay- She was humorous and I just loved when she called Alejandro Jalapeno and she was adorable. Sadly, she left Total Drama All Stars first... (7.5/10)

    Duncan- Well…

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