• Heatherfancourtney600

    I predict that everyone will probably make it safeley to the hawiian beaches for Season 4, except the following people:

    Heather, Sierra, Alejandro, Ezekiel, Chef, Blaineley

    I predict Heather will at least be in a body cast or (I'm hoping) pretends to catch amnesia to be friends with everyone just to secretly dump them.

    Ezekiel probably drowns and cannot compete in Season 4 due to being a monster, hopefully, Chef dies too

    Sierra, Alejandro, and Blaineley are all newcomers and most likely the (real life) producers gave them all injuries so they could not compete for the following reasons:

    Alejandro was a "one-hit wonder" probably because he was a seductive character that was a villian. He was found out though.

    Sierra was probably a bad experiment


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