Who Will Return for An All New Season?

Many of us have been trying to guess who we believe will be returning for Total Drama season 6! I think it is safe to say that a majority of the returning contestants will be fan favorites from the first season as stated by Christine Thompson. Listed below are characters that I would like to see return to a new season of Total Drama, and some that I think need to return. 



This character was teased at by the voice actor of Harold, who also happens to voice Sam. I think Harold is someone that certainly derserves to come back. He is finalist material and given the right development I could see him going to the merge once again. 


TDA DIY Char Duncan


As much as I don't personally care for Duncan, he is a fan favorite. I think if he were to return in this season, it would be nice for him not to make it to the merge this time around. He is a character that I believe has ran his course. His plot development has been great and he is one of the main five. His voice actor has seemed to hint at his return. I wonder how Duncan will be played out of jail since Total Drama All-Stars, but I am sure the producers will find a way. I hope that if he returns he will be early elimination fodder. 


Bridgette Think

After the Ridonculous Race, Bridgette's boyfriend Geoff recieved a huge amount of character development since his last appearance on Total Drama Action as a contestant. I think it is time for Bridgette to show that she can be a great character without her dependence on Geoff. Her voice actor has hinted at her possible return. 


Trent Happy

If any character needs to come back, it is Trent. Trent was a character that I personally loved in Total Drama Island. I felt that his derailment in Total Drama Action did not do him justice and we haven't really seen much of him since then. I would love for him to return this season and be developed into a full fledged character outside of being Gwen's love interest. I could also see finalist material in this character as well. 



Guess who's ready to get a prize?

Courtney has been in so many seasons and has almost always managed to make it to the final 6. I think it is about to be her time. If she returns, she is definitely someone I would be rooting to make it to the finale. Many of the fans want her to return and win it all this time. She should have been a finalist in Total Drama All-Stars but her character derailment in Sundae Muddy Sundae made her a contestant that needs some redemption. Never thought I would say this but, GO COURTNEY!


TDA DIY Char Leshawna

Okay, the sass master has to come back. Leshawna has been needing a comeback for a while. I was actually a little disappointed when she did not return for Total Drama All-Stars. Leshawna is a great competitor and a dynamic character. She is also ironically the only character from Total Drama Island that made it to the final 6 but never made it in the finale of a season or of a spin-off. I think it is time for Leshawna to go far again and shine like before. 



I know Eva isn't necissarily a fan favorite, but she is someone that I have been itching to return for a while. I think if done right Eva could be a compelling character. 

Anne Maria 


If anyone is going to be an antagonist or has the potential to be a great antagonist, it is Anne Maria. This girl brings the drama. While she can do that she is also very hilarious. Originally set to return for Total Drama All-Stars, I could see the producers bringing her back to dish the dirt. 


Tdri brick 174x252

Seeing that Brick was originally supposed to star in Total Drama All-Stars, I could see him returning for an all new season. I do not however, believe that he is finalist material. The producers would have to weave him into the story with some of the other contestants. Mostly since his character development has been dependent upon his rivarly with Jo. 


Jasmine 2

I think if anyone from the Pahkitew Island cast is going to return for an all new season, it should be Jasmine. I felt like Jasmine's elimination was a rip off in Pahkitew Island. Her character is great and she brings something good to the table aside from her relationship with Shawn and the other Pahkitew Island characters. 



I don't think any season featuring fan favorites is complete without Heather. I think it is time for Heather to regain some of her original spunk that she had from season one. I felt that Total Drama All-Stars did not do her justice in the way that it should have. I would also like to see her in a season without Alejandro again. 



Gwen is also another obvious fan favorite. I think the writers could seriously take the time to redevelop Gwen's relationship with Trent and set things right for once. However, with Gwen's character threatening to never come back again, who knows. But she still does have a contract. 

Other than that I am not going to speculate too much as to who I think is going to return or should return. I am just excited to see who the producers have selected for the upcoming season. Maybe a redemption season?