Which is it?Edit

So many of you are probably hype about the new season. I have seen people fighting about who they think should come back and who deserves this or who deserves that. So let's look at what we know so far: 

1) Total Drama season 6 (or season 7 as some people call it) has been renewed.

2) Some of our favorite players form Total Drama Island (which means original 22) are returning to compete.

3) Contestants have already been selected for the new season.

4) Writing for the first two epsiodes has already been completed. Animation and artwork is being worked on. 

With all this is mind there is one important key factor. The producers did say some of your favorites will be returning from Total Drama Island. What does this mean? Does this mean that it will be all from TDI or will it be a mixed cast. Will it include potentially brand new people with some old contestants. Let's see what types of seasons we have not explored yet in Total Drama. 

A Redemption SeasonEdit

I think a large number of Total Drama fans are itching for a redemption season that will bring back some of the characters that were either derailed or didn't have enough screentime on the show to be fully fleshed out as well as other characters in the series. A redemption season would be perfect to give other characters the time to shine that they need. Characters such as the following would certainly be supported by the fans to return for a redemption season: 

Of course I am sure there are lots of other characters who certainly deserve some redemption including Courtney, Lindsay, Bridgette, DJ, Dakota, Anne Maria, and Ezekiel. Who else would you put in a redemption season?

A Fans vs. Favorites SeasonEdit

This would be an awesome season to come up with. Not only would you bring back some of the most liked characters of all time, but you would also have the ability to mix old with new. Having the fans vs. the favorites would be an original and awesome concept.

All-Stars Take 2Edit

After the fiasco that was Total Drama All-Stars, many fans would have liked to see something like that done over. We just didn't get the right characters. I highly doubt that they would make a second all-stars season, however I think they  may redeem some of the ruined character arcs in this upcoming season of Total Drama. 

Heroes vs. VillainsEdit

Nothing would beat a true heroes vs. villains season that focused soley on that concept. Unlikely that they would do one however.