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Total Drama Presents: Big Brother

Hey all! So I decided that I am going to be creating my own spin-off series of Total Drama. One thing that I would like to see in a spin-off is Big Brother. So, I have decided to do my own fanfiction. The fanfiction is going to be produced on the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wikia so that I am not cluttering it up too much here on the TD Wikia. 

What are the rules of the game?

Similar to the real show of Big Brother, I am placing 15 individuals in a house for a 20 episode season where they will compete in a variety of challenges that force them to get outside of their comfort zone. The 15 contestants will not be allowed to leave the house and will be under strict surveillance of Big Brother. These 15 contestants will be known as Housemates. The Housemates will be required to team up with people they have completely different viewpoints on for challenges. The challenges themselves? Well they may be disgusting, wierd, hilarious, trivial, physical, and everywhere remotely in between. Ther is no main host other than Big Brother himself, whom nobody knows. Various 'hosts' will be available to monitor challenges however including Chef Hatchet, Don, & Chris McLean! 

In regards to elimination? All housemates will nominate two individuals to be considered for eviction. The audience will be given one week to decide who should go home before the next epsiodes airs via poll numbers. There are others ways for a character to be evicted from the house, such as quitting, breaking the rules of challenges, or being injured.

Who is in the cast?

Well I am going to officially reveal the cast later tonight. However, I want to see if you all can guess who is going to be in it. I can give you a hint. There are no cast members from Total Drama Island, Action, World Tour, Revenge of the Island, All-Stars, or Pahkitew Island in it. Additionally, there are no cast members from the Ridonculous Race in this spin-off either. However, many of these characters are not new to some of you and have all been featured in the Total Drama universe or were created by the Total Drama production team. 

A picture of the mystery cast will be posted below, but here are the labels for each of the cast members: 

TyLee - The Manipulator | TyLee is one of the few new cast members of the show that does not have a connection to Total Drama, but has been on reality TV before. TyLee is a master manipulator and strategist. One that even rivals the likes of Heather and Alejandro; you could say she is the Heather of Big Brother. Out of the 20 reality TV shows and seasons she has been on she has won all of them. She hopes her strategies will also work on Total Drama Present: Big Brother. Her goal is to use the million dollars to contribute to her non-proft fund that fights for women and girls. However, the way she obtains those funds may not be the nicest but she believes that is this world you must be ruthless. Based off of Dakota's Total Drama Reloaded design.

Stevie - The Academic Overachiever | You may remember his twin brother who made it to the final two in Revenge of the Island and competed on All-Stars. His twin brother is none other than Lightning. Some people even tend to call him Stevie Thunder, athough he hates that name. Stevie is a college student who studies hard and is very academically inclined compared to his brother's athletic skills. Stevie is also at a time in his life where he is trying to come out and be himself. He hopes that there will be other cast members who are gay and who he might be able to confide in or even get to know on a relationship level. Lightning's Total Drama Reloaded design is used.

Emily - The Attentive Chick | You may remember her from her appearances on The Ridonculous Race. She was the show's official flight attendant, catering to the dining needs of the cast as they flew to their next destination. Emily lives to serve others and has a hard time saying no. She is hoping that she can win Total Drama Presents: Big Brother so that she can use the money to start her own spa business and hire others to serve for her. Design credit goes to Flashlight237.

Tara - The Olympian | The sister of contestant and Total Drama finalist, Sky, Tara has worked hard all her life in athletics and sports. Tara even recently made her way to the Olympics winning a gold medal there. Now that she is currently just in training mode, she felt that it wouldn't hurt to get even more public attention before she heads back to the Olympics again. Her visit to New York City led her to find out about Total Drama Presents: Big Brother and she signed up right away. She hopes to win the million dollars to buy her own personal gym and provide opportunities for people to get in shape and train with her and her sister, Sky. Design credit goes to Flashlight237.

Nykolai - The LGBT Activist | Nykolai is a college graduate with a degree in Political Science. He is a young gay male who has dreams of getting into politics and being leader of the free world. Nykolai is a passionate individual who fights tooth and nail for the LGBT community. He signed up for Total Drama Presents: Big Brother because he is a fan of Total Drama and he wants more public exposure before he runs for State Senator. Mike's Total Drama Relaoded design is used. 

Brady - The Super Model | Beth's former super-hot and sexy boyfriend, Brady, appeared on the finale of Total Drama Action. Since that time, Brady has broken up with Beth after he learned that she cheated on him with Harold and Justin. Brady since ten amped up his modelling career even further. His modeling agent signed him up for Total Drama Presents: Big Brother to give him screen time on reality TV. 

Josh - The Cat Fight Loving Host | The current host of Celebrity Manhunt, Josh has been hosting for most of his adult career. After Blaineley joined the cast of Total Drama, Josh felt like he could also have a shot at reality TV aside from his celebrity news outlet that he works at. Plus, a little extra cash never hurt anyone. Josh is a drama loving host who enjoys cat fights, but deep down he is a kind-hearted guy and a team player. 

Carl - The Chubby Kid | You may remember him as the chubby intern that appeared in Total Drama Revenge of the Island and All-Stars. Carl is a nice kid with many goals. One of them being host of a cooking reality TV show. He thought interning on Total Drama would help get him noticed, but when that didn't work he auditioned for Total Drama Presents: Big Brother. He hopes that this experience will land him the spin-off series he always wanted. Design credit goes to TheTDChronicler.

Momma DJ - The Loving Mother | Everyone's favorite but strict mother, Momma DJ, signed up for this reality TV show thinking she was signing up for a new healthcare plan. Clearly confused, she is going to add an interesting dynamic to the show. We all know her as DJ's sweet mother from Total Drama. She is an amazing cook and will surely wow the housemates with her cooking and her special spice. But does she have what it takes to win this competition?

Leshaniqua - The Sassy Cousin | You may remember Leshawna's sassy cousin from her appearance on Total Drama Action. After getting engaged to Franklin Hills, Leshaniqua has been enjoying her life living in luxary adn working to help young people in inner cities grow and find their passions to excel. After her cousin became famous appearing on Total Drama, she thought that she should give reality TV a try. So, she signed up for Total Drama Presents: Big Brother. She is an easy going and fun loving person but her housemates are in for a rude awakening if they ever disrespect her though. 

Benjamin - The Chill Guy | Benjamin is a chill guy, never taking life too seriously and just wanting to go with the flow of things. He is the opposite of his mother who is always high strung about day to day tasks. After his sister Gwen competed in multiple seasons of Total Drama, Benjamin felt it was his turn to try and get into reality TV and so he could get away from his mother. He hopes to win the million dollars so that he can pay for his college education. Design credit goes to Flashlight237.

Betsy - The Retro Girl |​ As her name suggest, Betsy is an old soul who loves everythign and anything retro. Clothes, music, designs, everything. She is waht you would call a hipster. As an advocate for women's rights, Betsy puts her activism to the test to combat harmful laws that threaten the rights of individuals. She also happens to be an employee at the same non-profit owned by TyLee. Betsy is TyLee's right hand, but the two are worlds apart in the structures of their activism. Zoey's original Total Drama Reloaded design is used. 

Molly - The Odd Ball | Molly is the wierdest girl around.. Everyone in high school and in college steer clear of her. Her quirks and her social awkwardness makes her hard to be around. Ironcially, she is also shy and no one has really given her a chance to be herself. She was originally meant to compete in Total Drama Revenge of the Island, but chickened out at the last minute. To redeem that past mistake of not competing she signed up for Total Drama Presents: Big Brother. In this case people are going to have to interact with her since they are all living under the same roof. Molly's original Total Drama Reloaded design is used. 

Jose - The Arch-Nemisis | Jose appeared on Total Drama All-Stars to fight his younger brother in a challenge. After losing in an embarassing fight, Jose has been the butt of Alejandro's jokes and the tables have turned on him. Jose felt like he has lost his mojo and auditioned for Total Drama Presents: Big Brother to prove to Alejandro that he can still win. Like Alejandro, Jose is cunning, smart, and manipulative. He is not afraid to use people to his advantage. 

Ty - The Anime Fan | You may remember Ty. Ty was seen on Total Drama Island and Action as an intern on the show. He is just a simple guy who still lives with  his mom. He has a whole group of friends that love anime. He even founded an anime club that meets regularly in his basement. Much to his displeasure, his mom is the one that got him the internship with Total Drama and she is also the one that got him in for Total Drama Presents: Big Brother. She is hoping that he can win the million so he can move out, even though the anime loving unemployed guy just wants to stay at home. Cody's Camp TV design is used. 

Cast Revealed!

One of you managed to guess who all the cast members were based off their designs. So here is the official cast photo for the season. 


The Cast of Total Drama Big Brother, standing outside Big Bro's House where they will be staying. Cast from left to right: Tara, Leshaniqua, Momma DJ, TyLee, Stevie, Nykolai, Josh, Benjamin, Jose, Brady, Ty, Carl, Emily, Molly, & Betsy Off to the side on the rock is Big Brother, aka, Chadley Chizzleton, the host of the show.

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