Total Drama Encore! (originally titled Total Drama Redemption) is the sixth season of Total Drama


Greetings all you Total Drama fans! Last season on Total Drama Pahkitew Island fourteen brand new contestants battled it out for the chance to win $1,000,000 with Sky taking home the prize money. After the season's ending Chris brought together all 52 contestants who have ever participated in Total Drama together at the Aftermath Studio at the Abandoned film lot to reveal a special surprise. In his reveal Chris informed the cast, that twenty of them were voted in by popular audience demand for a second chance at winning the grand prize of $1,000,000! He explained that in order to be elligible for the audience poll, you had to be one of the 52 players who never had the best shot at the million or winning any season whatsoever. Chris revealed the names of the contestants who were elligble in the poll but did not make the cut, but mentioned that they would be playing a special role throughout the new season. These individuals included, Harold, Bridgette, Geoff, Izzy, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Staci, Amy, Leonard, and Rodney. The 11 individuals who did not qualify were then notified that they would become the peanut gallery of the new Total Drama Encore Aftermath with Bridgette and Geoff hosting the show.

Chris then revealed the 20 contestants who would be competing in season seven and informed them that they will be staying in Toronto for the upcoming season and that the challenges will take place all over the city. Chris then signed off and informed the audience to stay tuned for Total....Drama.....Encore! So Total Drama fans, get ready for a season featuring some of your favorite losers....I mean individuals who have a second shot at the million! 


Eighteen contestants and two newcomers are selected by either popular audience demand or Chris to compete in a second chance redemption season for the shot at another million dollars. The twenty contestants are divided into three teams, The Relentless Rattlesnakes, The Surivivng Squirrels, and The Devious Ducks The cast must brace dangerous challenges and one another as they compete for the grand prize in the city of Toronto.Contestants safe from elimination will be awarded a VIP Pass, however the contestant who does not recieve a VIP Pass must immediately take the Bus of Shame meaning they are eliminated. The contestant who can last the longest without getting voted off will win $1.000.000 dollars.

Competing from the original cast is Diva Blaineley, Brickhouse with Heart DJ, Bully Eva, Home Schooled Guy Ezekiel, Sista' with 'Tude Leshawna, High IQ Noah, Sweet Girl's Friend Sadie, and Cool Guy Trent. Competing from Revenge of the Island is Jersey Shore Reject Anne Maria, Strong Silent Genius B, Cadet Brick, Fame Monger Dakota, and Moonchild Dawn, And competing from Pahkitew Island is Human Soundboard Beardo, Normal Guy Dave, Fairytale Princess Ella, Good Twin Samey, and Chris Wannabe Topher. Lastly, to keep things fresh, two new competitors are being added. The first mistook a video from home as a chance to audtion for Total Drama. She is an amazing actress and is Leshawna's good friend. Say hello to Talented Actress Jaz . The other newcomer is one bully of a big brother for a former all-star competitor. He is super smart, manipulative, and not really good with fights. Say hello to Evil Incarnate Jose .


This is the process in Total Drama Encore! in which a contestant is eliminated; initially, the team that lost the most recent challenge, unless the challenge was a reward, would vote one of their members off. Since the teams eventually merged, all contestants began to vote for each other and only the challenge winner would recieve invincibility. In some cases a contestants who recieved the most votes may find themselves immune if they manage to find the McLean Brand Chris Head. In other cases due to tie breakers or low budget funds, two contestants may be voted off at once.

Participant Team Status Placing
Beardo Relentless Rattlesnakes 1st Voted out
in If the Shoe Fits
20th Place Non-Merged
Ezekiel Surviving Squirrels 2nd Voted out
in Why Harbour a Grudge?
19th Place
Samey Surviving Squirrels 3rd Voted out
in Time to Take the Fort!
18th Place
Brick Devious Ducks 4th Voted out
in Don't Be a Casa-Loma
17th Place
Dawn Surviving Squirrels 5th Voted out
in Get on it Toronto!
16th Place
B Relentless Rattlesnakes 6th Eliminated
in Aftermath II: B-fore You Vote
15th Place
Dave Surviving Squirrels 7th Voted out
in It's Something in the Air
14th Place
Jaz Devious Ducks 8th Elimination
in Now Performing...
13th Place
Topher Devious Ducks 9th Voted out
in Don't Text-ile and Drive
12th Place
Eva Relentless Rattlesnakes 10th Voted out
in Down by the Bay
11th Place
Ella Relentless Rattlesnakes 11th Voted out
in For Cultural Exchange
10th Place Mergered
DJ Surviving Squirrels 12th Voted out
in Who Died and Made You Royalty?
9th Place
Anne Maria Devious Ducks 13th Voted out
in Amuse Me
8th Place
Sadie Devious Ducks 14th Voted out
in The International Powers
7th Place
Jose Devious Ducks 15th Eliminated
in Are We Don Yet?
6th Place
Blaineley Relentless Rattlesnakes 16th Eliminated
in Are We Don Yet?
5th Place
Noah Relentless Rattlesnakes 17th Voted out
in The Luminato
4th Place
Leshawna Survivng Squirrels 18th Eliminated
in Chris Willing and the Creek Don't Rise
3rd Place
Trent Surviving Squirrels Winner in Don't Wake the Jail Edward-en
Runner-up in Dakota's Ending
Dakota Relentless Rattlesnakes Winner in Don't Wake the Jail Edward-en
Runner-up in Trent's Ending


Voice Actor Role Episode Count
Christian Potenza Chris McLean 26/26 Episodes
Cle Bennett Chef Hatchet 26/26 Episodes
Carleigh Beverly  Dakota 26/26 Episodes
Scott McCord Trent 26/26 Episodes
Novie Edwards Leshawna 26/26 Episodes
Carter Hayden Noah 25/26 Episodes
Carla Collins Blaineley 24/26 Episodes
Alex House Jose 24/26 Episodes
Lauren Lipson Sadie 23/26 Episodes
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria 22/26 Episodes
Cle Bennett DJ 21/26 Episodes
Sunday Muse Ella 20/26 Episodes
Julia Chantrey Eva 18/26 Episodes
Christopher Jacot Topher 17/26 Episodes
Novie Edwards Jaz 16/26 Episodes
Daniel DeSanto Dave 14/26 Episodes
None B 13/26 Episodes
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn 12/26 Episodes
Jon Cor Brick 11/26 Episodes
Bryn McAuley Samey 9/26 Episodes
Peter Oldring Ezekiel 8/26 Episdoes
Cle Bennett Beardo

7/26 Episodes

  • Harold (cameos in For Cultural Exchange), Geoff (cameos in Are You CN This View?! ), Bridgette (cameos in Life is a Beach), Izzy (cameos in Now Performing...), Justin (cameos in If the Shoe Fits), Katie (cameos in Shop Till You Pop), Tyler (camoes in It's Something in the Air), Staci (cameos in The International Powers), Amy (cameos in It's a Spit-ting Image of Your Team), Leonard (cameos in Time to Take the Fort!), and Rodney (cameos in Like a Kid at the Zoo) all appear in the Aftermaths and make cameo appearances in at least one episode.
  • Heather cameos in Why Harbour a Grudge?
  • Beth cameos in Don't Be a Casa-Loma
  • Gwen cameos in Get on it Toronto!
  • Shawn cameos in The Science of Betrayal
  • Lightning cameos in Don't Text-ile and Drive
  • Cameron cameos in Down by the Bay
  • Zoey cameos in Who Died and Made You Royalty?
  • Owen cameos in Amuse Me
  • Alejandro cameos in Are We Don Yet?
  • Mike cameos in The Luminato
  • Sky cameos in Chris Willing and the Creek Don't Rise
  • Duncan cameos in Don't Wake the Jail Edward-en


There is a total of twenty-six episodes of Total Drama Encore! 

Total Drama Encore Episodes!
# S# Episode Writer(s) Winner Eliminated
1 120 Are You CN This View? Laurie Elliot Dakota
2 121 It's a Spit-ting Image of Your Team Shelley Scarrow Relentless Rattlesnakes Non-Elimination
3 122 If the Shoe Fits Terry McGurrin Devious Ducks Beardo
4 123 Why Harbour a Grudge? Laurie Elliot Relentless Rattlesnakes Ezekiel
5 124 Aftermath I: The First Batch of Losers Emer Connon None None
6 125 Time to Take the Fort! Nykolai B. Relentless Rattlesnakes Samey
7 126 Shop Till You Pop Terry McGurrin Surviving Squirrels Non-Elimianation
8 127 Don't Be a Casa-Loma Brendan Yorke Relentless Rattlesnakes Brick
9 128 Get on it Toronto! Nykolai B. Relentless Rattlesnakes Dawn
10 129 The Science of Betrayal Emer Connon Relentless Rattlesnakes Non-Elimination
11 130 Aftermath II: B-fore You Vote Emer Connon None B
12 131 It's Something in the Air Laurie Elliot Devious Ducks Dave
13 132 Life is a Beach Terry McGurrin Surviving Squirrels Non-Elimination
14 133 Now Performing... Brendan Yorke Surviving Squirrels Jaz
15 134 Don't Text-ile and Drive Shelley Scarrow Relentless Rattlesnakes Topher
16 135 Down by the Bay Shelley Scarrow Surviving Squirrels Eva
17 136 Aftermath III: And All That Jaz Emer Connon None None
18 137 Like a Kid at the Zoo Nykolai B. Ella Non-Elimination
19 138 For Cultural Exchange Brendon Yorke Dakota
20 139 Who Died and Made You Royalty? Laurie Elliot Jose DJ
21 140 Amuse Me Terry McGurrin Jose
Anne Maria
22 141 The International Powers Nykolai B. Dakota
23 142 Are We Don Yet? Emer Connon Leshawna Jose
24 143 The Luminato Laurie Elliot Dakota Noah
25 144 Chris Willing and the Creek Don't Rise Terry McGurrin Dakota
26 145 Don't Wake the Jail Edward-en Nykolai B. Dakota or Trent Trent or Dakota