So we have seen 5 seasons of Total Drama, Six if you want to count Pahkitew Island as a seperate season. We also have all seen the spin-off Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. Each season had a final two and each had canon endings for each finalist. I think it may be interesting to explore who I think deserved to be in the final two in each season. Some of my picks will be the same, others will be different from whom the producers selected to win the season. 

Total Drama Island

Original Final Two: Gwen and Owen

My Final Two: Gwen vs. Geoff

Geoff and Gwen

A potential final two for Total Drama Island

I get it, Owen was a favorite of Tom McGillis and he was also the icon for the series. He was bound to make it to the final two in Total Drama Island. However, did he really earn his spot? Some may say yes, others may say no. Let's focus on my first pick: Gwen. Gwen was someone who started Total Drama Island not wanting to be there and not really having the most positive attitude going into the season. However, she defied the odds, made a few friends, and even went outside her comfort zone as she pursued a relationship with Trent. Gwen clearly is a major character throughout the series. I think her development made her a perfect candidate for the season finale. As for the other contestant, I would have preferred Geoff to be in the final two. While I do not personally like Geoff as a character, I felt that his dynamic with Gwen and the Killer Bass throughout TDI made him stand out. The fact that him and Gwen were hinted to be dating in the original Camp TV series suggested that the story may have been very different. I think a Geoff vs. Gwen finale would be quite interesting. I am curious to see who you all think would win the season?

Total Drama Action

Original Final Two: Duncan vs. Beth

My Final Two: Duncan vs. Lindsay

A good looking final two for Total Drama Action

Yes. Yes. Yes. Duncan clearly was a fan favorite and was destined to make it to the final two of this season. I saw that coming since the first episode. It was to be expected. What was unexpected was Beth being in the final two. Having a fan favorite go up against the nerd cast member that not many fans care for felt more like slap in the face. What would have made the votes really interesting was having Lindsay, an equally loved character be in the final two with Duncan. Her development throughout Total Drama Action made her ripe to be in the finale. She had significant character development since Total Drama Island. Lindsay particularly learned to become a leader and think for herself. I certainly believe that she deserved to be in the finale more so than Beth. I am curious to know who you think deserved to win out of these two. 

Total Drama World Tour

Original Final Two: Heather vs. Alejandro

My Final Two: Heather vs. Alejandro
HP - Alejandro and Heather

The best final two to date.

That's right! I personally believe the Heather vs. Alejandro finale to be one of the best selections in Total Drama History! The dynamics between these two were great during the entire season. Alejandro being a new contestant and the main antagonist of the season made him the perfect rival (and lover) for Heather. Heather in particular had developed significantly as a character in this season. She went from antagonist to anti-hero. Her power plays and moves were outstanding during the entirety of the season. A well thought and fleshed out character like Heather was bound to win a season or at least make it to the finale. If I had to choose the winner, everyone who knows me would know that Heather is my top pick. 

Total Drama Revenge of the Island

Original Final Two: Cameron vs. Lightning

My Final Two: Zoey vs. Lightning

Zoey and Lightning would have been a great final two.

To be honest, I hate Cameron. I was shocked when he made it as far as he did in Revenge of the Island. The guy mostly won by sheer luck and ran on the wins of other people in order to make it to the finale. Lightning, while being a complete idiot, was a real competitor who had his eyes on the prize. It was no wonder that he made it to the finale. When Total Drama Revenge of the Island originally aired, I was actually quite upset when Zoey did not move onto the finale. It seemed like she was destined to be in the finals. She had good development throughout the season and before Total Drama All-Stars, was an overall likeable character, who in her athletic beast mode could have taken on the Jock who she thought she would be voted out by. I am curious to know who you would pick to win out of this duo?

Total Drama All-Stars

Original Final Two: Zoey vs. Mike

My Final Two: Courtney vs. Mike

Mike vs. Courtney finale all the way.

While the original final two was horrible, it certaily wasn't the best. Mike of course had a major story arc that went into the finale was important to make his character worthy of earning a spot in the final two of Total Drama All-Stars. I believe that Mal could have easily been taken care of with Zoey being a peanut gallery helper for Mal and breaking him from the evil alternate personality. Instead of Zoey in the finale, I think there was a far more deserving character. That is right. Courtney. If Sundae Muddy Sundae never happened, Courtney's development would have made her worthy of earning a place in the final two. She was and still is one of the few remaining original cast members who has dominated but never made it to the final two or even final three for that matter. Courtney's redemption began in All-Stars and I think she would have made a great finalist against Mike in the finale. I am curious to know who you would want to win. 

Total Drama Pahkitew Island 

Original Final Two: Sky vs. Shawn

My Final Two: Sky vs. Jasmine

Jasmine and Sky

This finale is hard. While I agree that Shawn and Sky were good selections for the finale, I felt that Jasmine deserved the spot much more than Shawn did. Sky clearly was a contender and leader throughout the entirety of the show. Having the athletic abilities of both Jasmine and Sky would of been quite interesting to see in a finale. Not only that but also having each of the pair's love interests assisting them in the finale would have been cool to see too. This cast is hard because I think there are characters that were final two material but did not make the cut. Who would you want to see win out of these two?

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Original Final Two: Surfer Dudes and the Cadets

My final Two: Reality TV Pros and the Sisters 
Sisters eight

Sisters vs. Reality TV Pros

I am just going to state this from the beginning, but the idea of the Surfer Dudes making it to the finale always rubbed me the wrong way. It was mostly in the way that they were reintroduced into the competition. I felt that it was a cheap move for them to come back two episodes before the finale and make it to the final two. I think two teams that had final two material written all over them were the Sisters team and the Reality TV Pros. Who would you have supported?