Possible Teams

Heather and Alejandro "The Strategists": Heather and Alejandro on their own have dominated the Total Drama series when they competed as major antagonists. In Total Drama All-Stars we saw that when money calls they go against one another but what would happen when they are fighting for the million together? This duo could quite possibly manage to be the next antagonists for a future season of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. 

Katie and Sadie "The Groupies": Katie and Sadie really haven't gotten much screentime since Total Drama Island and even then they never really played a pivitol role in the series other than serving as obsessed groupie best friends and squeel constantly over everything. These two are obviously a duo that often have disagreements but are also willing to stick together to the end. It would be cool to give them some more screen time as well as some well needed development since their last appearance in Total Drama Island.

Chris and Chef "TD Masterminds": Chris and Chef have always had an interested dynamic throughout the Total Drama series. Sadly we didn't really see much of Chef after Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama Pahkitew Island started. It was almost as if Chef and Chris's relationship was falling off the map. Chef by all means serves as the Co-Host of Total Drama alongside Chris. It would also be interesting to give some interaction between Chris and Don fighting over who hosts better.