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  • Heatherfan343

    Many of us have been trying to guess who we believe will be returning for Total Drama season 6! I think it is safe to say that a majority of the returning contestants will be fan favorites from the first season as stated by Christine Thompson. Listed below are characters that I would like to see return to a new season of Total Drama, and some that I think need to return. 

    This character was teased at by the voice actor of Harold, who also happens to voice Sam. I think Harold is someone that certainly derserves to come back. He is finalist material and given the right development I could see him going to the merge once again. 

    As much as I don't personally care for Duncan, he is a fan favorite. I think if he were to return in this season, it …

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  • Heatherfan343

    So many of you are probably hype about the new season. I have seen people fighting about who they think should come back and who deserves this or who deserves that. So let's look at what we know so far: 

    1) Total Drama season 6 (or season 7 as some people call it) has been renewed.

    2) Some of our favorite players form Total Drama Island (which means original 22) are returning to compete.

    3) Contestants have already been selected for the new season.

    4) Writing for the first two epsiodes has already been completed. Animation and artwork is being worked on. 

    With all this is mind there is one important key factor. The producers did say some of your favorites will be returning from Total Drama Island. What does this mean? Does this mean that it wil…

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  • Heatherfan343

    Hey all! So I decided that I am going to be creating my own spin-off series of Total Drama. One thing that I would like to see in a spin-off is Big Brother. So, I have decided to do my own fanfiction. The fanfiction is going to be produced on the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wikia so that I am not cluttering it up too much here on the TD Wikia. 

    Similar to the real show of Big Brother, I am placing 15 individuals in a house for a 20 episode season where they will compete in a variety of challenges that force them to get outside of their comfort zone. The 15 contestants will not be allowed to leave the house and will be under strict surveillance of Big Brother. These 15 contestants will be known as Housemates. The Housemates will be require…

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  • Heatherfan343

    I am sure everyone has been wondering who the cast is that Fesh TV has selected for the upcoming season. We got a hint that our original favorites will be returning for this season. So below is my prediction on who is most likely to return. I am going to choose a bunch of characters and not a set amount. They are just people and their liklihood of returning.

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  • Heatherfan343

    TD: Final Two?

    July 11, 2017 by Heatherfan343

    So we have seen 5 seasons of Total Drama, Six if you want to count Pahkitew Island as a seperate season. We also have all seen the spin-off Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. Each season had a final two and each had canon endings for each finalist. I think it may be interesting to explore who I think deserved to be in the final two in each season. Some of my picks will be the same, others will be different from whom the producers selected to win the season. 

    Original Final Two: Gwen and Owen

    My Final Two: Gwen vs. Geoff


    I get it, Owen was a favorite of Tom McGillis and he was also the icon for the series. He was bound to make it to the final two in Total Drama Island. However, did he really earn his spot? Some may say yes, others ma…

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