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24th: Beth: I Think She Is Just A Nerd. She Looks Like A Communicating Doll, And She Is Not Fun. Just Boring, And Whenever I See Her Smile, I Am Disgusted. But I Think You Might Call Me Weird, But I Kinda Like Beth Better Without Her Braces.

23rd: Justin: He Really Needs The Stop Charming The Crap Outta Everyone! They Always Fall For Him And I'm Annoyed!

22nd: Courtney: She Is Such A Brat Who Whines Like She Has No Life! I Hate When She Slapped Cody In Greece's Pieces! All She Can Do Is Hurt People And Just Be Loud?! She Is A Negative Woman! Whiny, Bratty, Self-Ish, B******, And She Is The Definition Of A Stupid Person Who Can Actually Insult People!

21st: Sadie: I Don't Know What To Say, Except She Just Squeals Like A Brat! She Can Only Talk About Memories! She Is Really Ugly, And She Needs More Development!

20th: Katie: She's Better Than Sadie, More Strong, And Less Annoying. But Like Sadie, She Squeals Like A Brat!


18th: DJ: He's Like Afraid Of Everything. End Of Story.

17th: Ezekiel: He's Too Weird, And He Says Nothing, Except "Eh". He Just Annoys Me, And He Is One Of The Reasons Why Lovin' Time Is One Of My Least Favorite Songs.

16th: Harold: He's A Nerd, And I Think His Screentime Annoyed Me.

15th: LeShawna: She Has A High-Pitched Voice, And She Always Calls Everyone "Honey", "White Girl/Boy", And Any Other Words That Annoy Me.

14th: Cody: He Wets His Pants. I Felt Bad For Him In Greece's Pieces When That Brat Courtney Slapped Him. I Think He's Cool, But Sometimes He's Actually Annoying, Especially Trying To Get Gwen With Him.

13th: Trent: I Loved Him At First, But His Obsession With Number Nine Was Revealed In TDA, And Season 2 Ruined His Character.

12th: Geoff: I Loved His Moments In TDI, But Making Out With Bridgette Ruined His Character.

11th: Bridgette: She Was Hot And Athletic, And I Loved Her In TDI, But Making Out With Geoff Just Annoyed Me And The Moments Ruined Her Character. However, If Bridgette And Geoff Stop Making Out, I Can Actually Support Them Again.

10th: Alejandro: I Didn't Like Him At First, But I Started To Like Him After I Heard This Is How We Will End It. His Song In Awwwwww, Drumheller Had A Deep Voice, And He Is The Reason That Song Is My Favorite Song!

9th: Noah: Sarcasm Owns!

8th: Owen: I Don't Understand Why A Lot Of People Hate Him. He's Actually Funny In My Opinion And He Is The Reason Oh, My Izzy Is One Of My Favorite Songs Because He Claimed About How He Missed Izzy.

7th: Izzy: Izzy Is Just Funny! She's Really Hilarious, Especially When She Moved A Camel's Mouth!

6th: Tyler: Tyler Has A Lot Of Funny Moments! I Laughed When I Saw His TDWT Promo Picture, And His Frown Was Funny! I Think He Should Go Far In Season Five!

5th: Duncan: Your Awesome Man. I Love When He Ditched Courtney, Because Gwen Is Way Better! I Felt Bad For Him When Courtney Put Spaghetti On His Face. Courtney Is Just Like That. Duncan Is Awesome, Courtney Is A B****.

4th: Lindsay: She's So Cute, And She's The Sweetest Girl Ever.

3rd: Sierra: Why Do A Lot Of People Hate Her? I Think Her Stalker Moments Were Funny, And I Loved When She Defended Cody From That Brat Courtney In Greece's Pieces!

2nd: Gwen: I Will Always Support Her. She's Cool, Independent, Nice, Smart, And Her And Duncan Are Much Better Together Than Duncan And Courtney Together! I Just Hope They Don't Break Up DxG In Season Five!

1st: Heather: Heather Is An Awesome Antagonist, And She's My Favorite Character! She Was So Awesome In TDWT, And Her Smile In Can't Help Falling In Louvre Was Funny! I Just Love Her! Why Do So Many People Hate Her? She's Awesome!

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8th: Blaineley: I Loved Her In The TDA Special, But In TDWT, I Hated Her VERY MUCH. She Was So Mean, Pointless, And She Is Actually A B**** Like Courtney!

7th: DJ's mother: She's OK, But She Was Annoying At Times. I Don't Hate Her, I'm Just Neutral Towards Her.

6th: Brady: He's Handsome, But He Needs Some Character Development. I Was Neutral Towards Him In The Last Aftermath Of TDA, Because I Was Jealous That He Was Handsome.

5th: LeShaniqua: I Think She's Better Than LeShawna, But I Want To Know Her Better. I Only Saw Her In The 8th Episode In TDA, And I Think She Needs More Screentime. Her Character Development Is Boring, And I Don't Care For Her That Much. I Mean, I Like Her More Than LeShawna, But I Think She Needs To Be A Contestant In Season Five.

4th: Chef Hatchet: Why Do A Lot Of People Hate Him? I Think His Costumes Were Funny.

3rd: Chris McLean: You Have To Love Your Host! He's Hilarious! He Might Be The Best Host Ever! I Hope He Announces A Fifth Season At The TDR Finale!

2nd: Jasmine: She's Pretty. Her Hair Is Like Courtney, But I Think She Is Funny! I Love Her Cap, And The Way She Looks. She's More Pretty And Less Bratty Than Courtney.

1st: Josh: I Just Think He's Hilarious. 'Nuff Said.

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30th: Eine Kleine - It's Way Too Short. I Can't Say Anything. It Sucks.

29th: A Chinese Lesson - It's Terrible. It's Cheesy, And They Are Making Fun Of The "Manman Chi" Language.

28th: Shear the Sheep: Horrible. My Bro Likes The Song. I Don't Know Why, The Song Is Annoying. I Don't Get It.

27th: Rowin' Time: It's Too Fast. It Isn't Original, And Courtney Saying "****" (I think)? It's Too Cheesy, And The Last Part Was Messed Up. When Sierra, Cody, Heather, And Gwen (We're Not Mentioning Courtney We'll Just Act Like She's Not There) Just Annoyed Me. I Think This Is One Of The Worst Songs.

26th: Baby: I Liked The Beat, But I Hate This Song, Because It's Just About Harold's Crush On LeShawna?! His Voice Sucks! The Drama Brothers Kinda Performed Bad In This Song, Too.

25th: Lovin' Time: The Reason I Dislike This Song Is Because Of Zeke Interrupting It. It's Also Too Cheesy, And I Think It Needs More Lyrics If Zeke Didn't Interrupt The Freakin' Song.

24th: I'm Sorry: This Song Sucks. I Just Hate When Bridgette Keeps Saying "Sorry", that's it.

23rd: Sisters: LeShawna's Dancing Sucked! It's Just Bad As Hell! I Hate It SO Much, Because LeShawna's Voice Sounded Bad! I Really Don't Like The Moves. End Of Story,

22nd: Blainerific: Mildred Sings This, And It Was Just Annoying As Hell. She Always Says, "Blainerific" So Many Times. This Girl Needs To Learn How To Sing.

21st: Boyfriend Kisser: I Feel Sorry For Gwen. Miss QOF (Queen of Bratty) Just Messed Up With Her, I Don't Fell Sorry For Courtney Because I Love Duncan And Gwen Together More, Because Courtney Is An Abusive Lady.

20th: Greek Mix: Just Bad. It Wasn't Interesting...

19th: Versus: No, Just No. It Kinda Sucked With Only Four Characters (Alejandro, Heather, Miss Queen of Bratty, and Harold) Singing. I Was Hoping Everyone (Except Blaineley) Would All Say "Versus" At The Same Time. The Beat Sucked.

18th: What's Not to Love: I Actually Did Not Like The 5th Episode Of Total Drama World Tour. The Song Was Way Too Bad, And It Had The Worst Beat.

17th: We Built Gwen's Face: I Don't Know Why...

16th: Wake Up: It's OK. I Just Hated The Injuries And Stuff.

15th: Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley: It's OK, Too. It Kinda Sucked, Though, Because I Hate Hearing "Mildred", And I Hate That Name.

14th: Condor: IDK.

13th: I'm Gonna Make It: I Like The Ladder Climbing And Stuff. It Was A Pretty Good Song.

12th: Stuck to a Pole: I Love This Song! The Beat Is Awesome And The Back-Up Singer Sound Epic!

11th: Paris in the Springtime: It's Very Awesome! I Think Sierra's Voice Sounds Better!

10th: I'm Winning This: I Think It Was Way Too Good For Me. I Love Listening To This Song.

9th: Come Fly With Us: Per above.

8th: Sea Shanty Mix: Per above.

7th: Save This Show: Per above.

6th: Who You Gonna Root For?: Per above.

5th: Before We Die: Per above.

4th: Oh, My Izzy: Per above.

3rd: Gypsy Rap: Per above.

2nd: Unknown: I Forgot The Song's Name.

1st: This Is How We Will End It: Everybody Loves This, And I Do Too. I Love The Puppets.

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