• Heatherandgwencatfight

    24th: Beth: I Think She Is Just A Nerd. She Looks Like A Communicating Doll, And She Is Not Fun. Just Boring, And Whenever I See Her Smile, I Am Disgusted. But I Think You Might Call Me Weird, But I Kinda Like Beth Better Without Her Braces.

    23rd: Justin: He Really Needs The Stop Charming The Crap Outta Everyone! They Always Fall For Him And I'm Annoyed!

    22nd: Courtney: She Is Such A Brat Who Whines Like She Has No Life! I Hate When She Slapped Cody In Greece's Pieces! All She Can Do Is Hurt People And Just Be Loud?! She Is A Negative Woman! Whiny, Bratty, Self-Ish, B******, And She Is The Definition Of A Stupid Person Who Can Actually Insult People!

    21st: Sadie: I Don't Know What To Say, Except She Just Squeals Like A Brat! She Can Only Talk…

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