♥ Why I love The Total Drama Series ♥

Here are 10 reasons why I love Total Drama series :

  1. It's SUPER FUNNY!! I probable laugh like every 5 minutes during the show!
  2. It's not lame like most of show's now a days.
  3. It is SO not predictable like ALL the show's now a days. You know, for example, they main character always wins, the bad person always loses, there gonna have a awesome life at the end etc.
  4. There is LOTS of drama!!
  5. I like most of all the characters.
  6. Every season has something to be looking forward to! For example, season 3, THERE SINGING!!
  7. They have the best couples!
  8. Every episode and season is different and really good.
  9. There isn't one bad episode.
  10. IT JUST ROCKS!!!!!

Leave a comment if you agree or not and I0 reasons why you love Total Drama Series ♥

Keep on blogging everyone! ♥♥♥

You Know You Love Me,


~ HeatherRocks

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