NOTE: Please note that the couples in each section are in no particular order, meaning that I have no preference to who's my greatest most favorite couple or my greatest least favorite couple.

Canon: Favorites ♥

Duncan & Courtney - Okay, this has been my favorite couple from the start by far through the whole Total Drama Series! I just love how they are so different but so alike. How they don't fit, but they do... if that makes sense! They were(sad face) such a amazing couple and really entertaining! I miss them so much! Please writers, BRING THEM BACK TOGETHER! Us DxC fans need them together <33

Gwen & Trent - I've always loved them and still do! In TDI they were so mcuh, and I loved how Trent thought she was the prettiest girl on the island! Again, very different but so alike! But them TDA came... yeah, Trent started to be pretty weird! Anyways, thats not the point, the point is they were one of my favs and i wish they were still together insted of her and Duncan(don't worry, imma get to that in my dislike couples!), she was better with Trent!

Heahter & Alejandro - OMG! Did i ever love them in TDWT! They were soo cute, how they liked each other but couldn't say it! Yeah, they did kinda remind me of Duncan and Courtney and I didn't mind that, since he was with Gwen, i missed that kind of thing so it was nice to watch Heather and Alejandro together! Their evil minds together was cute, I'm not really sure if they're together or not but I hope so :)

Lindsay & Tyler - Are you Tyler? <333 CUTEE

Izzy & Owen - Oh Izzy, Oh Izzy, how Owen loves you so! They're cute :)

Geoff & Brigette - I actually like them together a lot but in TDA they were SO annoying, we get it, you love making out, very nice, please stop! But in TDI, OMG they were soo cute and they still are! One of my favs!!

Chris & Chef - I love there little bromance they got going on! OMG! LOVEE!! Best couple/bromance in the world :DD

Least favorties </3

Gwen & Duncan - Alrighty, if you are a GxD fan, I suggest you don't read this, because i really DO NOT support them! First of all, i loved him with Courtney and i didn't think they had any problems to break up! Okay, yes, they fighted but thats what made them entertaining to watch since the fighted and made up and it was cute! But when he is with Gwen... :@! They have way to much stuff in common, its just plan boring and i really don't like Gwen so that doesn't make it any better! And yes, i do believe she was ONE of the reasons DxC broke up, not the only one, but one of them. Ugh, i think we all need Duncan and Gwen to break up and Courtney to get her man back, and Duncan to realize he is being a ... moving on :D

Alejandro & any other girl - Like i said, Heather and Heather only people! :)

Sierra & Cody - I love Cody, but i really didn't like how Sierra was obssesed with him! It was weird and creepy which made the couple not my fav. But when she was normal and when Cody was nice to her, then i guees they were pretty cute :)

Fanon: Favorites ♥

Duncan & Heather - I really don't know why but i really liked them together and would not mind at all if they hooked up!

Cody & Gwen - This, I don't mind! I love Cody's little crush he has on Gwen ♥

Duncan & Lindsay - They were cute I found! I wouldn't want them to be together, but i still find them very adorable!

Gwen & Geoff - Okay, this is a couple that i could very much enjoy! They were so cute in TDI! LOVED IT!! I rather her with Geoff then with Duncan :P

Least favorites </3

Justin & Owen - Where the hell did this couple idea come from? No, just, no ...

Cody & Noah - Um... they're not gay ... well I pretty sure Cody isn't, but Noah.. umm

Harold & Heather - Ew. Never. In. This. Life. Time.

Trent & Heather - I simply can NOT see it .

***Question time: Which couples do you love and not love at all? Fanon, canon, who cares! Just share in the comments below ! :)

Talk to you soon my yummy tacos :P

HeatherRocks 00:58, June 11, 2011 (UTC)

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