Recently, part 2 of the storyboard of the first episode of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island has been leaked. I'm going to go over the characters and do some early predictions to compare to later info. I will be referring to the elimination in that episode, so bewarned.


Ella; She sings, she's fun, and she's one of my favs from this new cast. Very cute character design. I think she'll do average and maybe above

Dave; Probably gonna be a fan-favorite. He's shown to dislike most of the other campers (like Gwen). I think he'll possibly be a protagonist, but during the elimination ceremony, he acted quite antagonistic. It seems Sky and him are going to be a couple based off their interactions. Dave will at least make it to the final 4 if he's the protagonist.

Topher; From the first line I saw from him, I thought he was going to be the new Justin, but instead, we got Chris JR. It's a pleasant surprise. I'm not too sure how far he'll go. He already got on Chris's good side by the first episode (that doesn't stop Chris from pushing him off a ledge).

Amy; Even though I think she's the most obvious to be the villain, we only got one line from her in Act II of the storyboard. In which she was yelling at her twin sister, Samey, to stop screaming while they were being bombarded with tennis balls.

'Samey'; I don't know much about her character as I didn't see any of her lines other than screaming. My guess is that she'll be a minion to Amy like Heather and Lindsay. One more thing, how do you say her name?

Rodney; He has a farmer-esque outfit and is a really big guy. It's hinted he's the love interest to Jasmine, unless that was just a shiptease. I only got one throwaway line from him. But at least it showed he knows the word awesome.

Scarlette; She had no lines in Act II. Don't know anything about her other than her Office girl(?) design.

Sky; I don't know much about her actual character other than she gets along with her team, unlike Dave. She's shown to be super-athletic, almost as athletic as crazy-powerhouse-Zoey. She gave Chef a run for his money. Love interest for Dave n stuff. She'll probably make it to the merge.

Jasmine; She's shown to be acting as leader to her team. The other members didn't seem to mind it, and they did win the first challenge with an awesome treehouse. A relationship between her and Rodney was hinted. I can see her even making it to the finale

Max; Another possible villain. Max is like DJ's cowardess, Scott's accident proneness, Cody's shortness, and Owen's physical health combined. I really don't want this guy as the main villain, but I can still see him eliminating one or two people. I think Max'll do good.

Suger; I think she's supposed to be the new Anne Maria/LeShawna. Sugar's a great comedy-relief character, but I don't know how involved she'll be in the plot. She loves dem glitter. I think she'll do below average in the game.

Leonard; He's LARPing wizard-boy. I think he might be an audience's favorite. I think he's going soon or he's going far.

Shawn; This is one of the characters I'm most curious about. He refused to stay with the others in the same shelter due to the possibility of them being turned into Walkers. I wonder how far he'll take it. I think he'll get booted early on

'Beardo'; It wasn't too surprising that he was eliminated first, but how Leonard made them lose the challenge did throw me off. At first I thought he was going to be the new Owen, though. After seeing his Audition thingy, I liked him more.

Elimination Order Prediction:

14th - Beardo

13th - Scarlette

12th - Shawn

11th- Sugar

10th - Samey

9th - Topher

8th - Ella/Rodney


7th - Max

6th - Sky

5th - Ella/Rodney

4th - Dave

3rd - Amy

Finalists - Jasmine and Leonard.

Possible Couples:

Dave/Sky - This is pretty obvious

Jasmine/Rodney - it's hinted in the first episode

Samey/Topher - If Amy and Samey are really gonna do something like Heather and Lindsay, Samey will probably have something/someone to tempt her to stop listening to Amy. My guess is that'd be Topher.

A little wild guess for a possible ship:

Leonard/Sugar - "Wizard says, Sugar does."

Possible Conflicts:

Dave/Everyone - Dave hates you, grrrr :P

Jasmine/Scarlette - They have opposite designs, so perhaps that'll bring a conflict.

Leonard/Dave - Dave seems to hate Leo the most right behind Beardo.

Amy/Samey - If it really is a Lindsay and Heather type relationship, then this conflict is gonna happen.

Max/Everyone - Max is probably gonna be liked by very few.

Ella/Sugar - Sugar was shown to be jealous of Ella's handling of the glitter. But I doubt they'll hold episode long grudges.

Possible Friendships:

'Rodney/'Topher - It might be another Big guy/little guy friendship, except that Tohper is regular sized.

Max/Scarlette - If Max is gonna try being an evil dark emporer guy, he needs a minion. And maybe Scarlette will try making friends with him and become his "minion".

'Ella/'Leonard/Sugar - Seems they got along very well.

Jasmine/Sky - whether this is a rivalry or friendship might just boil down to how friendly Jasmine is.

Sky/Team - She gets along well with her team, probably by treating them like kindergartners.

Final thoughts: Pahkitew Island seems promising. Too bad I have to wait to discover more about the characters, disappointing or uplifting. Any thoughts?

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