The newest Total Drama All-Stars commercial came out (you can see it here, and I picked up a few things I'd like to share with you before we see the episode sneak peak.

So it starts off with the Cartoon Network commercial commentators freaking out about a "Blue Harvest Moon". Does it also come only every millenium? They go off to say it's turning sweet bunnies mean (lol, just imagine DJ being here), pretty birds ugly, and HAHAHAHAA, HEATHER'S HUGGING A CROCODILE, OH THE PAIN, OH THE IRONY!!! Thanks to the Blue Harvest Moon, it turned Heather into a nice, sweet person (looks as Heather might be a candidate for ellimination).

Before I continue, let me address to you what our contestants are wearing while running. Bacon tin foiled hats. Now you might think this is just part of the challenge because of angry animals, but I think it works like tin foiled hats. But instead of blocking aliens, the bacon bounces off the crazy rays from the moonsies. Seriously, one clip had Heather wearing the hat, but when she turned nice, she had her hat off.

I wonder what this moon could do to other characters. In two scenes it shows Sierra and Courtney not wearing their hat. Ommgeee, will Sierra temporarily become normal or more crazy? lol ( it turns out Sierra had her hat on in that scene. Boohoo)

So Mike finishes the commercial guy's sentence -- CN announcer: Nothing has been this vile since.. Mike: Total Drama season 4? Cn guy: EXACTLY!

I'm not sure what they're referring to. I never saw Jo hug a crocodile. I guess they're referring to the aggressiveness of the animals; those mutants were pretty baaaad.

I also just realized something in the middle of writing this very blog (improv is pretty rad amiright?). The villains team seems to have no bacon tin-foil hats, when the Heroes do. This must mean that the bacon hats are punishment for losing/cheating last time. Oh well, looks like that theories is under the bed now. In one scene with the vultures, right before Scott crossed the bridge, Gwen was nowhere to be found (unless she was at the other side of the bridge). This could mean this really is homage to Finder's Creepers, meaning each missing person is a penalty. Chris'll probably surprise us with some jerk twist to it though.

Cameron is cornered by the mean ol bun-bunnies without his glasses? YES, THE DAY HATH FINALLY ARRIVED-- oh wait, Sierra saves him. Classic Sierra.

I think the scene where Scott was screaming and running maniacally across a tathered bridge is the last part I can mention; way to go impressing Courtney, Scott.


This is gonna be real awesome episode.

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