• HeatBombastic

    Recently, part 2 of the storyboard of the first episode of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island has been leaked. I'm going to go over the characters and do some early predictions to compare to later info. I will be referring to the elimination in that episode, so bewarned.


    Ella; She sings, she's fun, and she's one of my favs from this new cast. Very cute character design. I think she'll do average and maybe above

    Dave; Probably gonna be a fan-favorite. He's shown to dislike most of the other campers (like Gwen). I think he'll possibly be a protagonist, but during the elimination ceremony, he acted quite antagonistic. It seems Sky and him are going to be a couple based off their interactions. Dave will at least make it to the final 4 if he's …

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  • HeatBombastic

    The newest Total Drama All-Stars commercial came out (you can see it here, and I picked up a few things I'd like to share with you before we see the episode sneak peak.

    So it starts off with the Cartoon Network commercial commentators freaking out about a "Blue Harvest Moon". Does it also come only every millenium? They go off to say it's turning sweet bunnies mean (lol, just imagine DJ being here), pretty birds ugly, and HAHAHAHAA, HEATHER'S HUGGING A CROCODILE, OH THE PAIN, OH THE IRONY!!! Thanks to the Blue Harvest Moon, it turned Heather into a nice, sweet person (looks as Heather might be a candidate for ellimination).

    Before I continue, let me address…

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