Heat-Gripper Archfiend

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  • My occupation is Middle College Student, writer, shoulder to lean on
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  • Heat-Gripper Archfiend

    I'm Gripper, I'm a TDL (Total Drama Lover), and I have a theory on The Malevolent One!

    I think The Malevolent One (let's call him Night for now) is one of two possible personas Mike was born with (the other is our Mike). And what happened was that either: Night developed over time, so foreseeing the potential danger that Mike's subconscious saw, it created the others (Vitto, Chester, Manitoba Smith, and Svetlana) in order to be either a warning or as defenders of Mike; or Night is Mike's true self and something happened (such as a shrink implanting the others) to create Mike (the embodiment of truth), Chester (the expression of frustration), Svetlana (the identity of physical prowess), Vitto (the expression of confidence), and Manitoba Smit…

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