Before starting, wanted to say something: No, this's not a hater or bashfull blog, just an opinion blog concerning an Animator freshman opinion towards one of my favorite cartoons of all times (not counting Animes).

I'd like to remember you guys: No, I'm not a newbie here. If you see my gallery or my previous journals, you'll see that I made turnarounds (rotations) of various of the TDRI cast and they turned ALMOST exactly like the originals. Yeah, I used references to make them, but you gotta remember that some positions didn't appear at all during the show. I also made a pic with all of the TDAS cast that really looks like one of the shots from the actual show (no, don't think they used my idea, but it's not hard to ignore that they looking almost identical in a lot of ways is worth saying).

This's MY OPINION, so please no ranting.

So starting with my opinions regarding the show as a whole:

Total Drama has a wonderful and exciting theme, which's reality show. It's the first cartoon I ever watched regarding this theme so I really liked it.

However they exceed with lame and repetitive jokes, with aren't funny at all (for me). How many times did we have to swallow Owen's farting (a lot, I dare say), and it's such... Wow. A terrible joke. And the constanting puking? Another lame and disgusting thing about this show. Yeah, the castaways pukes on Survivor once a while, but note that they're all OFF-SCREEN or AREN'T SHOWN AT ALL. About the injuring jokes, no comments....

Well, just a starting. Now let me talk about the most lackluster aspect of the show and which should be the most important: The characters.

Yes, why I think they're terrible? 

Design-wise: No Internal organs, a ridiculous body shape, too many squared heads, too few curves and too many straight lines, some of them are really weird and not combine at all with the rest of the cast (Owen, B, Max...), clothes glued to the body, dotted eyes (think they're ridiculous), hands too awful and odd, odd head shapes (Duncan), well think that's it about their designs. You can point more things if you want to.

Note that I share many opinions with Zobe, because I read his comments and agree with him.

Personality\Characterization-wise: The worst thing of TD, the characterizations! Let's start with the worst and ironically the main characters:

Owen: No dramatic necessity... Mean, why's he in the show at all? To party? To win the million dollars? No, the writers never gave any reason for him to be there annoying us viewers, he's there because he's there.

No development... He debuted as one person and left as... THE SAME! lol, no development at all during all the episodes he appeared in! The same lame and annoying jokes, farting, being blown away, being hurt, etc...

No bad traits... Yeah, you may argue that his weird habits are his bad traits, but why doesn't it annoy everyone else besides the antagonists? lol People just find him nice and ignore his bad habits... What a lame excuse.

Zoey: Need to say anything about the bland princess...? She's just... Nice. No bad traits either. And a bipolar personality: In a moment she's nice and the other she wants revenge? WHAT? I'd agree that she'd wanted revenge on Scott, but AFTER he eliminated Mike, not after she got hit by Chef. Unlike Owen at least she has a dramatic necessity, so I won't point that out.

And no reason at all for her Mary Sue-ness. Why's she so good at challenges at TDAS when she was awful at TDRI? No explanation....

Mike: Another bland and horrible character. He did nothing on TDAS and Mal, his alter-ego, DID EVERYRHING! He could not been there and we'd not even notice him, lol. On TDRI he relied too much on his alternate personalities, which's an awful plot device to made him go far. What's he good at as himself? We never found out...

Really, above all of his personalities, Mal's my favorite. At least he had a characterization and good characterization (I know that as a villain he was lame, but he was not there to win at first, just to cause havoc)

Scott: No, don't think he's terrible... In TDRI. He was a pretty good villain and a kinda of a fresh air. Mean, what villain'd target his own team? Yeah, I liked him. Then TDAS happened... What happened? He became another person WITHOUT ANY REASON AT ALL. And lost all of his intelligence to become an idiot... What happened to that manipulative behavior? Why he suddenly lost all of his brains? Never found out as well. He could have had the same role in TDAS, but with a bit of his old personalities shown! Like Heather in TDA!

Well, those're the worst in my opinion. Know it's just a few, but they're the majors. Now about others briefly:

Duncan had an amazing character development until TDWT, even being almost an antagonist and causing both of Tyler's eliminations, he still was fun to watch and had a pretty solid characterization. Not talking about TDAS cause...

Lightning and Jo were the same during both seasons, so not talking about them either. Gwen and Courtney were both overused and lost their meaning, so their role in TDAS was kinda boring and  not entretaining.

Sierra was fun to watch, but despite her stalker personality, what more do we know about her? Despite being good at challenges and being violent? NOTHING! Yeah, she's just a stalker crazy fan cause she is... It's like saying that Vestibular's the best admission program for universities because it's! (quote from an unnamed person) Really, if I have to swallow this answer again, I'll just throw... Not mentioning that she didn't get any development at all in her time on the show.

Now about the seasons as a whole:

In my opinion TDWT was the best season, it had the best antagonist and the best interactions between the cast. 

The worst season in my opinion?

TDI and TDA, both tied. In TDI we had to swallow overused annoying jokes such as Owen's (like I said in the begining) and boring couples (TrentxGwen, LeShwanaxHarold, TylerxLindsay, GeoffxBridgette...).

TDI had a lot of plotholes as well and an odd elimination decision (know what previous director Mark Thourton said regarding explaining why such character was eliminated (on this case Ezekiel): "This's the beauty of a secret ballot". Yeah, that's a SUPER DUPER ULTRA LAME AND AWFUL EXCUSE! Sure, we need a bit of interpretation, but at least they could at least explain why this character was eliminated. See Justin for example, Heather targeted him FOR NO REASON AT ALL! Tyler got eliminated FOR NO REASON AT ALL TOO! (Yeah, you could say that only him or Courtney\Bridgette could have got the boot, but what about Geoff\Harold, who weren't even mentioned on the elimination ceremony? Ezekiel too was eliminated strangely, there were 6 men and 5 girls, so how the girls managed to kick him out? We could assume that all the guys voted Courtney off for being bossy and doing nothing, but then why she wasn't eliminated?

Tyler got eliminated for an awful reason as well. He COMPLETED the challenge in "Phobia Factor", which was to stay on that chicken pod for 3 min, but then why did he even got the kick? No mention about A LOT OF PLOTHOLES AND LACK OF CONSISTENCY ON THIS SAID EPISODE".

TDA I won't mention why I don't like because I have the same opinion as most of the people here.

I KINDA liked TDAS despite those issues about characterization, it got rid of the fart jokes and groin injuries, the worst jokes of all the show.

Now about the BEST characters (note: not my favorites, but best regarding characterization):





Harold (until TDWT)

Think that's it, not too many... All of those had AMAZING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and a DRAMATIC NECESSITY when they entered, as well LEFT THE SHOW AS ANOTHER PERSON. It'd take too long to explain each of my point views, so you can comment here why I think of such that I'd be glad to respond.

The others? Well, they are the rest... I like Bridgette, but she didn't get to do much. Like Tyler, B, Dawn and Dakota, but thet lacked screentime and had no development as well. 

So yeah, not too many unforgettable characters. Say, no one at all xD Most of them are all forgettable.

So finishing, THIS'S ALL MY OPINION, fell free to disagree! Just don't cuss or swear, okay? And if you want to ignore me, go ahead! I just pointed out the flaws of TD in my point of view and why I think it's far from being an awesome show or unforgettable show. Yeah, I liked TD and I still like it, I just think it HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL AND COULD DO A LOT BETTER.

By the way, helped Mila on her Coderra anime scene ^^ Translated the lines! Yeah, I can speak Japanese (a bit), and had help from a friend of mine (she lives there and speaks better than me). So please, as an anime lover, WATCH IT! 

I used to (lose my time...) make a lot of TD pics and OCs in this style and I'd like to advise you: DON'T DO IT! I mean, you can draw a few ocs in this style and make some pic of the canon characters, but DON'T RELY ON THIS STYLE SO MUCH! It's got lots of flaws and you won't be developping your art at all! I commited this mistake and had a hard time starting on the university. Good now that I'm drawing on my own style. 

Just pointing this out cause I've got lots of friends who only draws on this style, and you should think that it's an easy style and you won't be training at all xP

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