• HarukaFan

    Before starting, wanted to say something: No, this's not a hater or bashfull blog, just an opinion blog concerning an Animator freshman opinion towards one of my favorite cartoons of all times (not counting Animes).

    I'd like to remember you guys: No, I'm not a newbie here. If you see my gallery or my previous journals, you'll see that I made turnarounds (rotations) of various of the TDRI cast and they turned ALMOST exactly like the originals. Yeah, I used references to make them, but you gotta remember that some positions didn't appear at all during the show. I also made a pic with all of the TDAS cast that really looks like one of the shots from the actual show (no, don't think they used my idea, but it's not hard to ignore that they looki…

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  • HarukaFan

    Hello people. HarukaFan here! So I was watching the TDAS trailer that just came out and it made my jaw drop, there's a scene that makes me remember of my fake spoiler o.O Is that a coincidence or the producers used the idea?

    Here, compare them:

    So didn't they look a lot the same. See the angle and Mike for example, they have similar expressions and positions.

    So whatcha think?

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  • HarukaFan

    Nogizaka Haruka's Arts

    December 2, 2012 by HarukaFan

    Here I'm gonna post my arts and stuff, all made by me (HarukaFan) Please comment it and don't steal my arts!!!

    Sorry if it gets all messed up, I'm still learning how to edit a wiki.

    Gwen's Face

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  • HarukaFan

    So if Duncan had got the boot instead of Tyler on Greece's Pieces, would we see that scene of Tyler and Alejandro singing Gwen's Face?

    Alejandro, Tyler and Owen would be the last remaining in Team Chris Is RRRR Hot... So, would you want it? Or do you prefer Duncan?

    I'm gonna post more pics soon, just wait for it!

    Pics made by HarukaFan, please don't steal them

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