The song is about four friends searching for their friend Kayleen.

Well, it's a beatiful day on the Hoth "O Yeti. The perfect time to snag a friend. I'll Kayleen and win this fun game, as soon as she stupid speaks up. Ah!

Going alone, it just makes you look sad, sad-pathetic. Plus, you'll die without a trace.


We teamed up, and almost had Kayleen, I could see the "hot" right on her face. Really! We're that close!

"Almost", gets you nowhere around here. You're both loser persons, that's all.

"Loser", it's what that lion called you, when he almost ate your balls! Seriously, dude! Are you alright?

I better sing, because I don't know why. I've got something I wanna sing.....Kayleen? Kayleen? Kayleen, I can-, I can't feel my arms! Where'd you put them, Kayleen!? Kayleen? Kayleen! Kayl...(falls over and sucks on thumb while sleeping)

Well, it's a beatiful day on the Hoth "O Yeti. The perfect time to snag a friend. I'll find Kayleen and win this dumb game, as soon as she stupid speaks up! Speak up!

Kay-ayl - Oof! (Gets punched by third singer on purpose)


Ugh, Kayleen?



Yeah, I found her!



Attention TDWiki users, if your name's Kayleen, like the friendly girl mentioned in the song, make a headline on my talkpage and put your name there. Thanks!

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