The song is about all of the Brookfield Elementary School's kids learning new things in 3rd Grade...but a certain someone doesn't like math.

Come Learn With Us!

Come Learn With Us!

We've got a lot 'o crazy science stu-u-uff!

Come Learn With Us!
Come Learn With Us!

It's a pleasure my friends, of my trust!

Dudes, this is cool! But math and stuff is suck.

What did you suspect? (holds hand over mouth so the math hater doesn't hear) Math is freaking, so cool!


Yeah, but guys! Your'e learning math in a flash!

Haven't you always liked it? I thoguh you-ah diiiiiiid!!

Come Learn With Us!
Come Learn With Us!
Do you know how to fraction?

I'll try! (sighs)

They think they could leave me and think I ain't smart! But this MathMan has got learning in his heart!!!!!!!...somwhere.

Come Learn With Us!

(highpiched voice) Come shrink with usssss!
We're learning? I love learning! Keep it up!

Come Learn With Us!
Come read with us!

Anyone care for a copy of the Mathmatic book? Because, on page 1 of the mathmatic book -

There is aaaaaaa, Fact Family!

C'mon and read it! Let's go!

Dude, at least look at it! C'mon!
Well, I really wanna learn! Hmm...

Come Learn With Us!

Come and Learn With Us!

Come .....and...Learn...With....USSSS!

Yeah, Matt!

But this succcccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssss!

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