The New Kids On The Rock The conetesants travel to Newfounland, wich is revealed to be Chris McLean's birth place. As of what I think, this is a reward challenge, because Izzy is seen in Jamacia, Tyler is seen in Greece, Alejandro is seen in Niagara Falls, Noah is seen in a leaked video of D+G and D+C, wich is comfirmed to be Greece or London, Cody is seen in Jamacia, Sierra is seen in Tuanzai, Heathe is seen in Niagara falls, Owen is seen in Niagara Falls, and DJ is seen in Jamacia. (sorry it's so long!). If it isn't a reward, I'd have to pick Izzy, because she is in the description of Jamacia, but she could return because that's a running gag in TD, but, Aftermath 2 is confirmed to be in Jamacia (as of what I heard)

Jamcaia Me Sweat

The contestants travel to DJ's birth place and former home, Jamacia. With sharks sworming the watewrs, the WATERS aren where the cast has to go! As of what I think, DJ is voted off (well, he quits off of team victory) and Team Chris wins.

I See London

With Team Victory dissolve, only two teams remain and they travel to a punk club. As of what I think, Noah is rumored to be out, and I honstley don't want him to, but he is. Oh, and Duncan and Gwen kiss and Tyler sees it.

Aftermath : Revenge Of That Telethon

The plane the cast is in takes down in Jamacia and ousted contesants Harold, Bridgette, and Leshawna have to dance their lederhorsen off to raise enough money to refuel the plane.

Greece's Pieces

The challenge is to jump off a building while wearing birdwings. As of what I think, Tyler starts to win, but loses because Cody lands on him.

The Ex - Files

Courtney and Gwen battle it out by forming a conflict alliance. Duncan gets annoyed by this. As of what I think, Gwen loses the conflict alliance and is voted out. I do not know the location, at first I thought it was Australia, but there's already another confirmed episode to have Australia in it. Maybe this is Las Vegas!

Picnic At The Hanging Rock

The cast travels to Hanging Rock, wich is located in Australia. As of what I think, I do not know where the challenge is in hanging rock or what it is. I think this is a reward.

Sweden Sour

The cast travels to Sweden, where the teams have to take part in a disco musical number and also do a sour challenge. As of what I think, Izzy is voted off or if Greece is a reward, Tyler is.

Aftermath : Aftermath Aftermayhem

Gwen, and some other contestants are interviewed and Gwen reveals her true feelings for Duncan.

Niagara Brawls

Chris brings Aftermath co-host Blaineley into the competition for more awesome ratings, but Blaineley turns out to be Owen's biggest fan. Couples of TDWT must pair up and see who can stay together the longest without divorcing one another. As of what I think, Owen is eliminated and the teams are merged.

Chinese Fake Out

The cast travels to China, where two contestants must take the Drop. As of what I think, Courtney and Blaineley are voted off and Alejandro and Heather start beginning to attract to each other.

Africa Episode

In a reward episode, Alejandor kicks into low gear and Duncan gets to high gear. As of what I think, Alejandro loses and Duncan wins! (DUH), but a fake reward mat be held.

Awww, drumheller

Due to the fake reward, Duncan is gone and the final 4 compete in a challenge to make it to the final 3. As of what i think, it's a reward challenge or Sierra's off.

Aftermath : The Final Three

The Aftermath hosts talk about the final three.

Hot Tar Roffer/ Mexico Episode

The fianl three compete in a challenge and Alejandro loses, but Cody does to, a tie! As of what I think, Chef gets to pick the person who gets off and he picks Cody because Alejandro is attracitve, but there's a mishap on camera or something and it turns out that Al had lost and is out.

And The Wiener Is?/ Hawai Episode

The final two, Cody and Heather , compete in a challenge for the million, Cody wins but Alejandro, throws the case into the Hawain volcano, bacause he's mad that Heather lost.

TDWT Special

All the contesants must battle to see who will move on to win the 2 million dollars on the next season. And Chris annouces that the winner, Cody, and someone else will be the only ones returning to TDR.

The Bigger, The Badder and The Brutal-ier

The 12 new contestants and Cody and the winner of the TDWT special's challenge compete in their first challenge on TDR. The teams are The Radioactive Rats and The Antenna Destroyers.

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