Okay, guys! You know CN's being turdish with their Mixified songs, so here's a list of mix songs my way (with ones that don't even have mix on them yet!) A little confusing for the weakminded.

1. flying Mix

2. Scarab Mix

3. Crocadile Mix

4. Die Mix

5. Pole Mix

6. New York Mix

7. Quiet Mix (kinda stupid name)

8. Rap Mix'

9. Paris Mix

10 Newf Mix

11. Izzy Mix

12. Strip Mix

13. The Secret Mix

14. Boyfriend Mix

15. Sheap Mix

16. Gwen's Face Mix

17. Blainerific Mix

18. Chinese Mix

19. Zeke Mix

20. Eastern Island Mix

21. Train Mix

22. Winnign Mix


1. Baby Mix

2. Sorry Mix

3. Total Drama Mix

4. Revenge Mix

5. Blaineley Mix

6. Rooting Mix

7. Hawaiin Mix

That;s it

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