Hello, guys. Sorry about my delay of editing. Last year I edited and checked on this wiki A BUNCH! Now I've taken a break, regarding I am a huge fan of Regular Show and am an administrator on that wiki, where I met some people from this wiki on there, like Lil-mizz-krazie. So, I have watched Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! and thought it was a good episode, so now I am returning to help out due to TDRI starting in Canada, even though I am from the USA. I still love Total Drama. Below is a list of stuff I will help out with -

1. I will make grammar and spelling changes in some pages that need it and will edit unworthy trivia and add some worthy trivia if the page needs it.

2. Due to not having an iTunes account, I will be unable to add pictures of TDRI and anything for that matter. If I add any pictures at all, they will be off of the official CN or Teletoon website and will be TD based.

3. My userpage is messed up - so I will correct all of that mess.

4. I know I am not an important member of the wiki, but if anyone that's not an admin needs help - just ask me! I have expirence of being an admin from the RS wiki.

5. So finally - I am hoping to become a great editor and get more than 500 edits - because I have about 450, I think.

See you guys later - You know who else smells like a pile of butts? (: Rigby's money? No, my mom idiot! |Wanna go to Wing Kingdom? Stupid red link! 01:47, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

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