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  • Haroldfan4eva


    February 26, 2012 by Haroldfan4eva

    Here's who I think will cameo in the next few episodes -

    Grand Chef Auto - Duncan, only because whenever I see the title of this episode I think of him, because he's like a badboy and a criminal and stuff.

    Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon - Most likely Heather. I know there is no explanation, but the other episodes below match those characters, and Heather is the only one who hasn't had a cameo prediction from me. So I just think she's in here.

    Eat, Puke and Be Wary - I think DJ, because he's like a cook. Maybe he'll cook the food for the challenge or something.

    The Enchanted Franken-Forest - Harold. Definitley. Because it seems like a "ninja" title to me. And Harold's like a ninja, right?

    Now, for the last episode - I think none of the co…

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  • Haroldfan4eva

    Delay of Editing

    January 10, 2012 by Haroldfan4eva

    Hello, guys. Sorry about my delay of editing. Last year I edited and checked on this wiki A BUNCH! Now I've taken a break, regarding I am a huge fan of Regular Show and am an administrator on that wiki, where I met some people from this wiki on there, like Lil-mizz-krazie. So, I have watched Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! and thought it was a good episode, so now I am returning to help out due to TDRI starting in Canada, even though I am from the USA. I still love Total Drama. Below is a list of stuff I will help out with -

    1. I will make grammar and spelling changes in some pages that need it and will edit unworthy trivia and add some worthy trivia if the page needs it.

    2. Due to not having an iTunes account, I will be unable to add pictures of…

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  • Haroldfan4eva

    The Not So Great Outdoors - Part 1 (The Great Outdoors)

    The Not So Great Outdoors - Part 2 (The Great Outdoors)

    No Sleep Till Wawanakwa (No Sleep Till Brooklyn)

    We Are The Dodgeball Champions (We Are The Champions)

    Wawanakwa's Got Talent (America's Got Talent)

    It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Owen Is Snoring (It's Raining, It's Poring, The Old Man Is Snoring)

    Chicken Factor (Fear Factor)

    Up The Creek Without A Boat (Up The Creek Without A Paddle)

    The Hunters And The Un-hunted (The Hunters And The Hunted)

    Campers Vs. Food (Man Vs. Food)

    Stuck In The Blindfold (Stuck In The Windshield)

    Daddy Boot Camp (Daddy Day Camp)

    Harold's Love Connection (Love Connecticon)

    Wheel Of Un-fortune (Wheel Of Fortune)

    Un-hide And Seek (Hide And Seek)

    Pirates Of The Wawanakwa…

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  • Haroldfan4eva

    The song is about four friends searching for their friend Kayleen.

    Well, it's a beatiful day on the Hoth "O Yeti. The perfect time to snag a friend. I'll Kayleen and win this fun game, as soon as she stupid speaks up. Ah!

    Going alone, it just makes you look sad, sad-pathetic. Plus, you'll die without a trace.


    We teamed up, and almost had Kayleen, I could see the "hot" right on her face. Really! We're that close!

    "Almost", gets you nowhere around here. You're both loser persons, that's all.

    "Loser", it's what that lion called you, when he almost ate your balls! Seriously, dude! Are you alright?

    I better sing, because I don't know why. I've got something I wanna sing.....Kayleen? Kayleen? Kayleen, I can-, I can't feel my arms! Where'd you put …

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  • Haroldfan4eva

    The song is about two friends fighting, and one gets buried underneath a rock by the other.

    I left, Kenny poundin' the floor.

    Robbed a Jerry of his smalliness soul.

    Made even Kace lose control.

    And now I'm gonna leave you, stuffed up under a rock!

    This is how we will end it! (This game we have played!)

    This is how we will end it! (Your bill must be explained!)

    Ohhhhh! Should've mocked you for having to dig. Don't help whenever I need some hel-


    Ya think I'm gonna fall for that? Ain't a tea party, it's battle!

    This is how we will end it! (This game we have played!)

    This is how we will end it! (Your bill must be explained!)


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