So .......... today i shall discuss why the votes episode 11 of tdroti don't make sense to  some viewers. The answer?

Because of scott's vote . 

Most people assume Scott just voted for Zoey because of the pain she put him through, breaking his bones and crushing his head but let's not forget that Scott despartly tried to get Lightning out and would not just change his vote , cuz he got injured , most likely voted for Lightning

What most viewer often forget is  Cameron and Zoey had a plan to vote off Scott and ....... Why would Lightning vote for Scott? because he stole the win in Grand Chef Auto ? I know Lightning and if he did hate Scott he would have shown it by now and this is futher evidnced by the end of the episode he most likely voted for Zoey 

Some people think Cameron just abandoned and betrayed Zoey  by voting out  Lightning but Cameron would never do that . Yes he did backstab Jo in the previous episode but really that was , cuz of Jo treating him like crap all season Zoey was his best friend! and why because Lightning was the bigger threat ?but Scott was clearly seen as the bigger threat by Cameron Cameron was showing fear of Scott all dang season but Lightning he was never scared of !  Most Likely voted for Scott 

Zoey obviously voted for Scott as evidenced by her confessinal .

Yes, Lightning smirked when Scott left but Lightning is cocky ! it's obvious why he would smirk . He might have smirked at Mike getting out  had he ever even looked at him ! Yeah Why didn't he ever look at Mike ! the only time they talked was the finale of Lightning's ending and even then Sam and Jo interupted that he told them " NO WAY!" and then responded to Mike Yes my Lightning x Mike fanfics are coming true! 

Anyways, votes are 

Cameron voted out Scott due to his villainous ways

Lightning would have voted out Cameron but due to inviclbilty voted for Zoey due to her being the friend 

Scott thought he got them to vote for Lightning but he was wrong either way he voted out Lightning 

Zoey voted out Scott

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