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    Unfair Wins throughout total drama.

    1 :Not so famous.

    Okay i get that we did need a excuse for Justin to leave but ...... THE SCORE WAS 13 -14 THE GOPHERS SHOULD HAVE WON THE CHALLENGE it's like i guess Chris just wanted to get Heather out.

    2 : Super happy crazy fun time in japan.

    I don't care for the amazons the whole thing was  either " OMG CODY!!" " Get out Gwen you boyfriend stealer " or " Get out of amazons Heather". But they were the strongest team ever.But this one was biased as ever like really? Seriously? They won due to a exploding donut -_- BIASED ! team chris should have won.

    3 :  I see London.

    This the most biased and unfair win ever . The challenge....... it was to kidnap ..... jack the ripper.......... NOT DUNCAN !!!!!! WHAT THE H…

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    So .......... today i shall discuss why the votes episode 11 of tdroti don't make sense to  some viewers. The answer?

    Because of scott's vote . 

    Most people assume Scott just voted for Zoey because of the pain she put him through, breaking his bones and crushing his head but let's not forget that Scott despartly tried to get Lightning out and would not just change his vote , cuz he got injured , most likely voted for Lightning

    What most viewer often forget is  Cameron and Zoey had a plan to vote off Scott and ....... Why would Lightning vote for Scott? because he stole the win in Grand Chef Auto ? I know Lightning and if he did hate Scott he would have shown it by now and this is futher evidnced by the end of the episode he most likely voted …

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