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  • Hamwow2

    TDI or TDWT

    December 24, 2013 by Hamwow2

    Hi guys, I was wondering which do you prefer? Total drama island,or total drama world tour? My favorite thing about Total Drama Island is that it's the first season, and it's fun to watch! However, Total Drama World Tour featured my favorite character ever, SIERRA! Also, I'm a fan of Lord Of The Rings, so I actually like Freakzekiel. I want your opinion. What is better TDI or TDI? Be sure to provide a reason!

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  • Hamwow2

    TDRI or TDAS

    December 15, 2013 by Hamwow2

       well, many people hated TDRI and thought TDAS would be better, however many peoples opinions then changed. What seadon do you like better? TDRI or TDAS? Be aure to give a reason! In my opinion TDRI is better because it is fun to watch the episodes over and over again, becuse funny people are in it like Lightning or Jo- on some occasions. However on TDAS these characters left early, leaving the main plot with the two most bland characters- MIKE AND ZOEY O_O.

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