what I think about the previous 5 seasons of total drama

the first season was great best one bye far.

the second was ok it wasn't as good as season 1 but it was good.

the third season world tour was one of my hated seasons cause honestly, I have never seen that many deals to help someone win or betrayals since I first watched wwe.

seriously braking up gwen and trent and Duncan and Courtney and bringing izzy back because of a technicality some how not forseen by anyone?

and come on Ezekiel being turned into a golemn like character? like he wasn't annoying enough before.

and the aftermath thing done by bridget and jeff ?

I liked those two before they started that and always were kissing each other and I honestly am glad I will never see them again on the show.

it also didn't surprise me the way the show ended with heather, cody and alejandro

I swear that it was clear who was gonna win from the start when alejandro began his plan to win the competition and it only lead not surprisingly to being nut kicked by heather and turned into a darth vader rip off by chris

and by far the worst season ever in total drama history revenge of the island

I was excited at first but after a few episodes I couldn't stand to watch it

I didn't even care who won cause it was that bad in my opinion

and seriously mutated creatures? dawn being turned into a mutant by a toxic marshmallow along with the rest of the weird things that happened to people voted off?

did chris ever think about radiation poisoning?

has he ever heard of the cod4 mission all guillied up?

and then there's all stars

my faith in the show was restored with all stars but honestly it wasn't all that it was hyped up to be

for the record the whole evil personality of a guy who is one of the good characters of the show going against his girlfriend to decide the winner(I am talking about mal and zoey and how mal was beaten)


either way I hope after 2 disappointments and one near disappointment I hope season 6 can return total drama to its former glory

this is haloking7410 AKA the biggest total drama fan and critic never noticed by anyone sighning off


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