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  • Haloking7410

    what I think about the previous 5 seasons of total drama

    the first season was great best one bye far.

    the second was ok it wasn't as good as season 1 but it was good.

    the third season world tour was one of my hated seasons cause honestly, I have never seen that many deals to help someone win or betrayals since I first watched wwe.

    seriously braking up gwen and trent and Duncan and Courtney and bringing izzy back because of a technicality some how not forseen by anyone?

    and come on Ezekiel being turned into a golemn like character? like he wasn't annoying enough before.

    and the aftermath thing done by bridget and jeff ?

    I liked those two before they started that and always were kissing each other and I honestly am glad I will never see them again …

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